Meghan Markle Reportedly Feuds With ‘Furious, Jealous’ Camilla Parker Bowles To Be Prince Harry’s Wife

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Meghan Markle has gone from being portrayed as just another one of Prince Harry’s girlfriends to the biggest role of her life: Prince Harry’s soon-to-be wife. In the wake of the engagement announcement, Markle has shown that she can swim with the media sharks by getting tossed into the deep end and handling her new royal role gracefully.

But there are rumors of one obstacle that Meghan and Harry never anticipated, and that is the alleged attitude of his stepmother, Camilla Parker Bowles. Fairy tales famously have an evil stepmother who mistreats her stepchildren, and for Markle and her Prince Charming, Camilla is rumored to be the real-life version of those tales.

Meghan Markle Praised For Rising To Role As Prince Harry’s Future Wife, But Is Camilla Parker Bowles Out To Stop Her?

Meghan has managed every challenge gracefully since the engagement. Markle has undergone hostage training and behaved perfectly during her initial appearances as Prince Harry’s now-official future wife during public outings. But Yahoo quoted sources as issuing a warning about Camilla Parker Bowles’ alleged power in obstructing Meghan’s smooth path to the altar with Prince Harry.

“[Meghan Markle] has taken everything in her stride. But insiders say there’s one unexpected obstacle Meghan might be facing – and it’s none other than a jealous future mother-in-law [Camilla Parker Bowles].”

While rumors have swirled for months that Camilla disapproved of Prince Harry’s choice, it was never quite clear why Parker Bowles didn’t like Meghan. As the Inquisitr reported, there were even reports that Camilla was conducting a “smear campaign” against Markle that horrified Harry.

Camilla Parker Bowles’ Rumored Reasons For Disliking Meghan Markle Revealed

Now, however, these insiders are clarifying the reasons. Even though Meghan reportedly is seeking to embrace her new life as a future member of the royal family, Parker Bowles isn’t exactly making herself open to hugs and kisses, according to the sources. Instead, Camilla is reportedly in a state of fury about the way that Markle is being adored by the public while Parker Bowles is disliked.

“Camilla is jealous over how Meghan’s been received by the public. The Duchess is ‘furious’ Meghan has been so readily accepted into the royal family by the public, especially given their similar backgrounds.”

In public, Parker Bowles has described herself as “absolutely delighted” about Prince Harry’s royal wedding. But behind the palace walls, insiders claim that Camilla is comparing the hostility that she faced in her 2005 wedding to Prince Charles to the warmth and welcome that Meghan is enjoying in planning her nuptials to Harry.

Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly is furious as she compares the hostile reaction to her wedding to Prince Charles to Meghan Markle's warmly received plans to wed Prince Harry.
Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly is furious as she compares the hostile reaction to her wedding to Prince Charles to Meghan Markle's warmly received plans to wed Prince Harry.Featured image credit: KGC-22STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

Even though Parker Bowles and Markle are both divorcees, Camilla struggled with public disdain over the love triangle accusations, with seemingly endless rumors that Charles was still married to Princess Diana while having an affair with Parker Bowles. Meghan faces no such scrutiny or hostility from the public, which reportedly is fueling Camilla’s fury and jealousy.

Meghan Markle Versus Camilla Parker Bowles: Comparisons To Princess Diana Reportedly Infuriate Camilla

Quoting what an insider told Woman’s Day, the media outlet also reported that Markle’s divorcee status riles Parker Bowles. While Camilla was scorned by many because she was a divorcee, Meghan faced no such problems when she accepted Prince Harry’s proposal, pointed out the source.

“Unlike Camilla, Meghan wasn’t treated as second-rate when Harry proposed, despite the fact she’s a divorcee.”

In the wake of her engagement to Prince Harry, Markle is viewed as the most scrutinized female celebrity in the world by some. With royal observers comparing Meghan to Princess Diana, Parker Bowles reportedly is even more furious. Making it more challenging, Camilla must continue to appear at events with Prince Harry without revealing her alleged fury.

“Everyone is comparing Meghan to Diana right now and saying she’ll be the next ‘people’s princess,'” added the insider.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Wedding Location Reportedly Sparks New Battle

Camilla and Meghan reportedly also are at odds when it comes to the place where Prince Harry will tie the knot. After Camilla divorced Andrew Parker Bowles in 1995, she and Prince Charles wed in a civil ceremony approximately a decade later. The queen’s absence at the ceremony stunned observers, although she did show up at a blessing for the couple at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

In a shocking parallel, Prince Harry and Meghan plan to wed at the same chapel. Parker Bowles is reportedly upset by the similar venue and contrasting responses.

“Camilla sees herself and Meghan as pretty similar… but the way she sees it, Meghan has been welcomed with open arms, when she faced much criticism.”

Insiders believe that the wedding choice has made it even clearer to Parker Bowles that Markle is being accepted by the public and royal family whereas Camilla was disdained. It’s not known whether Parker Bowles said anything to Prince Harry and Meghan when she learned that the lovebirds would wed next May at Windsor Castle.