Chelsea Handler’s Claws Come Out Again To Swipe At Sarah Huckabee Sanders Via Mock Makeup Tutorial Video

Chelsea Handler retweeted a mock clip of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and people are calling her out on her claims of being a "feminist" today.

Chelsea Handler retweeted a mock clip of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and people are calling her out on her claims of being a "feminist" today.

Many questions have bubbled up about Chelsea Handler over the weekend after she retweeted a mock video of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Fortune Feimster was in that video impersonating Huckabee Sanders in a mock makeup tutorial. This is a clip that was used as a promo for Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix.

The four-minute clip shows Feimster playing the role of Sarah Huckabee Sanders while taking digs at the White House Press Secretary by insinuating she is a man, referring to Huckabee Sanders’ face as a “big fat biscuit.” She is doing this while putting makeup on with a paint roller. Feimster also takes swipes at Trump and his administration in that video.

Handler’s “very vicious attacks on the White House Press Secretary are beginning to backfire,” said Sarah’s dad, Mike Huckabee, when he appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend. Mike Huckabee got his digs in when saying “She’s called a ‘late-night host.’ I think it’s so late now that she’s not on anymore,” according to Fox News.

Netflix has canceled Chelsea Handler’s show and according to Breitbart News, Handler announced that she will be devoting herself full time to political activism now that her show is ending.

After this clip degrading Huckabee Sanders surfaced, people called her out on that claim. Breitbart writes, “Handler’s video drew strong condemnation on social media from users who accused the talk show host of hypocrisy, for regularly claiming to be a feminist while denigrating another woman’s appearance.”

Twitter was ripe with comments regarding Chelsea’s vow to stand up for women as a feminist in one breath and degrading another woman’s appearance in the next breath. People are questioning just how serious Chelsea Handler is when it comes to her “activism.”

One Twitter user wrote back to Chelsea after she retweeted that mocking Huckabee Sanders clip.

“Glad to see how much of a strong feminist you are, by promoting positive body image of other females.”

Handler took verbal swings at Mike Huckabee on Twitter, who appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend last week as well as the weekend that just passed. This is two weeks in a row that Handler has taken some very crude swipes at the White House Press Secretary, calling her a “wh**e” last week. Last weekend, Mike Huckabee said Handler needed prayers and said that she has come out boasting about her abortions. He went on to say that she is jealous of his daughter who comes from a home with a loving husband and kids.

This weekend, Mike Huckabee sees Handler as someone who just doesn’t understand the loving family and home that his daughter enjoys. The proud papa did say that his daughter doesn’t enjoy these attacks from Handler but growing up in a political family has toughened Sarah. She doesn’t let these disparaging insults get to her. She has people around who love her, so what Handler has to say means nothing to Sarah. She has a happy life with her family.