The Xiaomi Mi Note 3’s Cameras Are As Good As The Google Pixel And HTC U11, But Can It Best The OnePlus 5T?

Flagship-grade midrangers continue to emerge in the smartphone market.

Flagship-grade midrangers continue to emerge in the smartphone market.

In a recent test by DXOMARK, Xiaomi’s Mi Note 3 cameras were graded higher than some of the highly raved phone lenses in the market right now, such as the Google Pixel and HTC’s U11. Now, the real question is whether the Chinese smartphone can beat one of its competitors in Asia, the OnePlus 5T.

DXOMARK, a website that specializes in testing the image quality of cameras, gave the Xiaomi Mi Note 3’s cameras a score of 90. The site examines both the quality of still photos and video quality of cameras. The Mi Note 3 received a rating of 94 on still images and 84 on video quality.

The site concluded that the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 was packed with premium camera features. Its 2x optical zoom function and bokeh simulation mode, for one, were comparable to some cameras seen on flagship smartphones currently on the market. In fact, the Xiaomi phone’s camera beat Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which scored 85 and 88 on the site, respectively.

Also, when compared to other Android devices, the Mi Note 3 still scored quite high. For example, Xiaomi’s new phone score was the same as the Google Pixel and HTC U11.

According to Notebook Check, Xiaomi is not well known for integrating high-quality cameras into their smartphones. So, DXOMARK’s high score reveals that the Chinese company has chosen to take a different path with the Mi Note 3.

Given the direction that the company has decided to take with its smartphone cameras, photographers—professional and amateurs alike—might wonder how it stands against another popular Chinese smartphone, the OnePlus 5T.

It’s predecessor, the OnePlus 5, received a slightly lower score than the Mi Note 3 on DXOMARK, coming out to 87. The OnePlus 5 received a score of 87 for still photos and 86 for videos.

The OnePlus 5T’s camera undoubtedly improved upon the camera seen on its predecessor, especially since it introduced an entirely new camera system to the smartphone called Intelligent Pixel Technology. According to Android Authority, the new camera tech seems to replace the OnePlus 5’s telephoto lens, which is seen in the smartphone’s second main camera.

The 5T’s Intelligent Pixel Technology is expected to produce cleaner shots in low light. The camera tech alone seems to be one edge the 5T could have over Xiaomi’s Mi Note 3.

As of this report, DXOMARK hasn’t tested the OnePlus 5T’s camera yet. So, the real winner between Xiaomi’s Mi Note 3’s camera system and the OnePlus 5T cannot be sufficiently determined, at least for now.