Kate Middleton Allegedly Protects Meghan Markle From Camilla And Other Haters: ‘Leave Meghan Alone’

Duchess Kate "vows" to protect her future sister-in-law.

Duchess Kate "vows" to protect her future sister-in-law.

Less than a week after the official engagement announcement between Prince Harry and Markle was made, there was an onslaught of negativity towards the Suits actress. Some of the bad press was from Meghan’s childhood friend Ninaki Priddy, who was also a bridesmaid at her first wedding. Add this to Meghan’s stepsister, Samantha Grant, who has been spending a lot of time chatting up any member of the press who will listen.

Now allegedly Camilla has been instilling “mean jibes” towards her stepson’s fiancée, and Kate Middleton has reportedly been defending Meghan. What has allegedly been going on?

According to Australian magazine New Idea, Meghan was welcomed by her future mother-in-law, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, with a “string of cruel comments.” Kate, who was dubbed a “commoner” and a “waiter” prior to her marriage to Prince William, has reportedly jumped to the defense of Meghan.

“Kate’s been there and done that and knows how hard those first few weeks of royal life can be.”

Kate, who has reportedly been selected to help Harry’s fiancée navigate the rules and expectations of royal life, knows what it is to be a royal outsider. Yet, Kate has always weathered it all, with grace and strength. Now, she wants to help out Meghan.

Not totally inexperienced in public life, Meghan Markle has certainly had to face some scrutiny from the media in the past, but it appears that Duchess Catherine has some tips on how to deal with Prince William and Prince Harry’s stepmother Camilla.

“Kate learnt very early on that you have to have thick skin to handle Camilla and all the critics that come out of the woodwork to have a swipe at you.”

Allegedly, Camilla does not believe that Meghan is cut out for royal life, having been an American and an actress.

A royal insider also claims that Camilla is less than pleased that Meghan and Harry plan on marrying in the very chapel she and Prince Charles married. Camilla allegedly told the Queen and Harry that the marriage should take place in a “less prestigious palace church.”

Those who adored Princess Diana could certainly retort that Camilla was the source of William and Harry’s greatest sorrow and that marriage should not have taken place. Yet, there does not appear to be any such retort made by Prince Harry or anyone else.

It should be noted that Camilla was not in favor of William marrying commoner Kate Middleton, either. Yet, Duchess Kate has been an exemplary member of the royal family. She is adored by millions, a steadfast and supportive partner to Prince William, and a devoted mother to her two children, with a third royal baby due in April.

Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton have been a tight-knit trio, starting their mental health organization, Heads Together, and always together. It would not be far-fetched if New Idea’s royal sources are correct in reporting that the Duchess of Cambridge is standing up for Harry’s beloved.

Despite the tremendous success of Meghan and Harry’s first walkabout in Nottingham and the overwhelming popularity of Meghan’s influence on fashion, now dubbed the “Meghan Effect,” which has now even beat out her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton, the backlash towards Meghan Markle has been upsetting.

Even E! News published a piece asking “why is the future princess the subject of so much scrutiny?” They point out the particularly tart title of Meghan’s stepsister’s upcoming book, The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, and how Meghan’s uncle has invited photographers and writers, as he dished on Meghan’s family. Yet, Meghan’s parents have been mostly silent this entire time.

Yet, E! News does deduct that in the end, Meghan Markle will have the last laugh. They point out how “fiercely protective” Prince Harry is with her, and that the couple will weather it all.

And if Kate is defending her, then Meghan will be even stronger in dealing with the media and social challenges facing her new royal life.