‘Little People, Big World’: Baby Ember Roloff Turns 3 Months, Dons Adorable Reindeer Outfit For Photoshoot

Ember Jean Roloff is oozing with cuteness in her latest photo!

Ember Jean Roloff is oozing with cuteness in her latest photo!

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s precious little girl, baby Ember Jean, is now three months old! The proud parents celebrated their baby’s milestone by sharing a new photo of her, which is totally adorable!

In Audrey’s Instagram account, the 26-year-old mom shared baby Ember’s newest month-by-month photo. For December, the Little People, Big World baby can be seen smiling and spreading some holiday cheer.

Ember is dressed in a cute Christmas romper and a matching reindeer beanie! To complete the Christmas-themed photo, Jeremy and Audrey used a wreath to encircle “3 months.”

“Oh deer,” Audrey Roloff wrote in the caption, going along with Ember’s reindeer-inspired photoshoot. She couldn’t help but feel emotional in her post.

“3 months already?! This time last year you were growing inside of me and I didn’t even know it! Now you’re growing on the outside, getting chunkier and more kissable every minute.”

Ember Jean Roloff was born on Sept. 10. According to Jeremy and Audrey, Ember’s name is a reminder for her to be “a light in the darkness, glowing in all she does.”

Audrey’s pregnancy was featured in the last season of Little People, Big World, where she even had an amazing baby gender reveal party. As the second LPBW grandchild, the entire Roloff family celebrated the birth of Jeremy and Audrey’s firstborn.

“She’s absolutely beautiful–a face that draws you in. What a miraculous experience,” Jeremy Roloff gushed on social media shortly after Ember’s birth.

Audrey Roloff had a remarkably easy pregnancy with Ember, but she suffered from mastitis and postpartum pains after giving birth. In a previous IG post, the LPBW star bravely opened up about her struggles as a first-time mom. She revealed that because breastfeeding has been so difficult for her, doctors were concerned that Ember wasn’t gaining weight.

Now, Ember is a happy and healthy baby. She’s now smiling and babbling in both Jeremy and Audrey’s daily social media updates. The three-month-old has also experienced many firsts already, including her first pumpkin season at the Roloff Farms!

For her first Thanksgiving, the baby spent it with her grandma Amy Roloff, who was clearly delighted to have the entire family home. Soon, Ember will be celebrating her first Christmas, which Audrey stated in her post will be truly memorable.

Ember and her six-month-old cousin Jackson are the new stars of Little People, Big World. Fans of the long-running family-oriented reality show are hoping to see more of them when the Roloffs return on TV with a new season.