WWE News: John Cena’s Return To WWE Television Announced

After a lackluster appearance at Survivor Series, John Cena's official return to WWE television has been revealed.

After a lackluster appearance at Survivor Series, John Cena's official return to WWE television has been revealed.

At WWE Survivor Series, John Cena joined Team SmackDown against Team Raw. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in lackluster fashion and Team Raw prevailed. Afterward, Cena returned to his commitments in Hollywood and many people have been wondering when he would make his return to Raw or SmackDown Live. With WrestleMania season around the corner, Cena’s return to WWE television has been revealed.

WWE made the announcement that John Cena’s next appearance will be at a WWE live event during the company’s Holiday Tour and he would be facing Roman Reigns on December 26. The expectation was he would be returning to WWE television after that, but a new report is claiming that WWE officials need his help and are asking John Cena to make his return to WWE television during the Christmas edition of Raw.

For better or worse, WWE officials are moving ahead with Monday Night Raw going live on Christmas, but they know they are going to need some big surprises to give the WWE Universe a reason to watch. Cena has been confirmed for the show, but there is still some speculation on if the powers that be are bringing him back for an extended run through WrestleMania 34, or if he’s back just for one show to help on Christmas night.

John Cena Could Return to SmackDown Live Afterward

John Cena’s status as a “free agent” gives WWE officials the opportunity to utilize him when necessary. It’s been reported that his appearance at Survivor Series was due to low ratings for SmackDown Live. Cena’s WWE return could see him appear for either brand, and there are several WWE Superstars that he can work with heading into WrestleMania 34. Unfortunately, no details have been revealed about his creative plans.

The important thing that WWE officials are focused on for the Christmas edition of Raw this year is selling as many tickets as possible. John Cena’s WWE return in Chicago on the major holiday will be a big moment and many fans will tune in just to see that. How that appearance will factor into John Cena’s future as WrestleMania approaches is just something WWE fans will have to wait and see on Christmas.