Sia Reacts To Accusations That She ‘Pushed Fame’ To ‘Dance Moms’ Star Maddie Ziegler

The singer has always been very vocal about her admiration for the young dancer.

The singer has always been very vocal about her admiration for the young dancer.

Sia is finally speaking out about her working relationship with former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler.

On Thursday, the 41-year-old Australian singer took to Twitter and addressed accusations that she has been pushing fame to the 15-year-old dancer. In her post, Sia claimed that she is constantly communicating with the teen.

The “Chandelier” songstress added that she regularly checks with Maddie Ziegler to make sure that she can still cope with all the fame. Sia, who is known for her face-obscuring wig, also reiterated that if ever the former Dance Moms mentee wants it to stop, she will immediately bring it to a halt.

“I do check in with Maddie weekly about whether she wants this, and assure her if she ever wants it to stop it stops. It’s a conversation we should all be having. Not just myself but all directors, stage parents and agents.”

Sia’s comments came after an article written by Bonnie Malkin was published by The Guardian questioning the singer’s apparent double standard in putting the spotlight on Maddie Ziegler.

In her article titled “The Sia conundrum: if fame is so damaging, why pass it on to a child?” Malkin did not hold back in expressing her views on Sia’s way of diverting the attention to the Dance Moms favorite.

“Up on the stage in Sydney on Saturday, with Furler concealed and Maddie in the spotlight, it seemed that the superstar was deploying a child in a way that she herself refuses to be,” the author wrote.

Sia, who has been very vocal about her disdain for fame, appears to be really fond of Maddie Ziegler ever since she saw her on the hit reality show Dance Moms. In fact, the duo has collaborated several times.

In 2014, the singer invited the then 11-year-old dancer to star in her music video for “Chandelier.” Since then, the teen starred in five of Sia’s music videos and appears in live performances as the singer’s mini-me version.

And although Maddie Ziegler seemingly enjoys working with Sia, the singer pointed out that in the end, the decision whether to continue or not still depends on the Dance Moms alumnus.

However, she reiterated that she would try to choose what’s best for her, especially since she’s still too young to make sound choices for herself.

Sia added that she somehow feels responsible for all the attention Maddie Ziegler has been getting ever since she started working with her. Apparently, this made the singer feel very protective of the teen.

“Maddie was already famous when I discovered her, but I have certainly expanded her exposure and feel responsible for that.”

In the end, Sia noted that fame affects her differently than Maddie Ziegler. The former Dance Moms star has yet to comment on the matter.