‘The Gifted’ Fall Finale Will See Conflicted Thunderbird

The Gifted last left fans watching the Strucker children, Dreamer, and Blink get carted away by Sentinel Services. As Kate and Reed Strucker could just watch and fear for their kids’ safety, Thunderbird had to make the decision to call off his group’s plan to attack Trask Industries. The fall finale of the show will pick up where all this left off, with the mutant underground struggling to make a decision. While the Strucker parents know they need to save their children, they also know they can’t just go in there and demand Andy and Lauren back. Meanwhile, Thunderbird will find himself conflicted about the next steps to take.

For Thunderbird, the future of the other mutants has always been on his mind. He’s the leader of the mutant underground, which means he is responsible for everyone. The mutants taken all know the underground HQ location, which could threaten the entire operation. However, he will find himself conflicted because two people he deeply cares about are on the other side of the Sentinel Services walls.

According to TV Guide, Thunderbird is going to start to doubt himself in The Gifted fall finale. Showrunner Matt Nix says that Thunderbird will wonder if he’s made the right decisions for the mutant underground. He was drawn into taking down Trask Industries because of his pain over the things done to Pulse when he left Pulse for dead. All Thunderbird wanted to do was make matters right and this was supposed to do that; along with protect other mutants. However, losing four mutants who know details of the mutant underground, including the HQ location, could put everything at risk.

What Will Thunderbird Do In 'The Gifted'?

At the same time, Thunderbird is going to struggle with the personal connection to Dreamer and Blink. The relationship between Dreamer and Thunderbird already stood from before the pilot episode, but over time he has developed feelings for Blink. Part of Thunderbird is going to want to storm Trask Industries in the hope of finding the people he loves in a similar way Kate and Reed will want to storm Trask Industries for the Strucker children. However, Thunderbird isn’t able to break down about all this. He’s the leader and that means he needs to remain outwardly strong throughout.

Fans can definitely expect to see Thunderbird get angry in The Gifted. The episode airs on Monday, Dec. 11 at 9/8c on Fox.