Faith Stowers Speaks Out Against Haters After Claiming Jax Taylor Cheated On Brittany Cartwright With Her

Faith Stowers has finally responded to all of the criticism and hate that she has received from Vanderpump Rules viewers after the Season 6 premiere episode showed her claiming to James Kennedy that she and Jax had unprotected sex. As viewers saw, Faith made the shocking claim while everyone was at Scheana Marie's birthday party. Upon hearing the claim from others, Jax's girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, tearfully yelled to him that if it was true, she was leaving him.

Since that episode aired last week, Faith's latest photo on her Instagram page has received a barrage of comments criticizing and questioning her. People have written that Faith, who has only appeared briefly on the show's previous seasons, is lying about Jax cheating on Brittany with her just because she wants fame so badly. Others wrote that even if Faith really did have sex with Jax, she shouldn't have revealed the secret the way she did, which showed that she just wanted camera time and had no regard for Brittany's feelings. There were also those who said that Faith, if her claim is true, clearly has no morals since she got together with Jax when she knew of his relationship with Brittany.

While some people kept their comments civil, many people went so far as calling Faith names. Yet there were also those who came to Faith's aid. Some people left comments telling people to stop all of the hate and pointing out that that they don't know what really happened.

Faith has now finally responded to all of the public uproar over her claim and it seems as if she's not letting the criticism get her down. She left comments on her Instagram photo thanking her supporters. In one comment, Faith acknowledged that people are really going after her but that she learned a valuable lesson.

"kingfaithhope: @fitmodel_c thanks sis people are really coming for me but I learned a valuable lesson."
In another comment, Faith Stowers seemed to stand by her claim that she and Jax Taylor, unconcerned about any repercussions from his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, had unprotected sex at his suggestion while she was watching over an elderly person as part of her caretaker work.
"kingfaithhope: @vanessamonstad I love you too! People don't know and have opinions until they see the truth. So sad."
In one comment, Faith even told her haters that she loves them.
"kingfaithhope: @avanabbaaas love you too! And I love you haters!"
On the shocking premiere episode, Faith also confessed to James Kennedy that she was afraid that she was pregnant with Jax's baby. Upon hearing that, James' mouth dropped open and Faith practically had to put her hands over his mouth to keep him from screaming. Brittany, after hearing Faith's claim from others at the party, confronted Jax about it, threatening to leave him and take the dogs as well if it turned out to be true. Jax, whose social media pages clearly show that he and Brittany are still together today, vehemently denied everything that Faith was saying.
Will viewers see Faith Stowers reveal more about what happened with Jax and come up with proof as Vanderpump Rules Season 6 goes on? Will she and Brittany Cartwright come face-to-face? From Faith's comment on her Instagram page about people hav[ing] "opinions until they see the truth," it certainly seems as if viewers haven't seen the last of Faith.