‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Puts ‘Bad Boy On,’ Gets Flak For ‘Smoking’

If there’s a couple of things about Matt Roloff, the star of TLC’s hit reality TV series Little People, Big World, that most people agree on is that he has a kind demeanor and he loves to have fun. As he said in his most recent post, however, he likes to put his “bad boy on” from time to time, which, unfortunately for his tough guy persona, didn’t fool any of his followers.

Roloff posted a photo of his bad boy version. He is seen wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, a black shirt, and a fake tattoo sleeve. Matt also had a scowl in his effort to look scary.

“I love it,” said one fan. “You are so comical, I can’t get over it.”

“You couldn’t be bad if you tried,” said another. “Nice try though.”

“Matt… you really are a tough guy especially with Lucy’s book sitting on the counter behind you,” another follower said. “Lol… love the look though.”

While everyone got in on the joke, at least one follower saw something negative about the photo. Matt had a cigar in his mouth.

The follower said in a comment that has since been deleted that she hoped Matt didn’t smoke in front of his grandchildren, Jackson and Ember Jean. Some of his followers took this as an insult and quickly defended Matt.

Most of them said they didn’t think Matt was a smoker and that the cigar was just a prop. Some said that Matt wouldn’t smoke anywhere near his grandchildren if he was indeed a smoker.

“I would doubt very much that Matt would smoke around them babies,” one fan said. “Plus the parents I guarantee wouldn’t stand for that.”

Other followers said that Matt had the right to do whatever he wants and that the critic should stop telling him what he’s allowed and not allowed to do.

The follower tried to explain herself by saying that she was only joking.

“None of you can take a joke,” the follower said. “Grow the h*** up.”

Another fan called her out for her supposedly poor excuse by pointing out that the comment was not written as a joke. The fan also advised her to “just admit” that she made an “internet fail and move on.”

That and other comments made against her proved to be her undoing as she went on a tirade, with an expletive thrown in.

“You are all a bunch of m***** f****** trolls,” said the critic. “Do you have anything nice to say or do you prefer to live a negative life?”

The follower further explained that she got that Matt was trying to be funny but he still shouldn’t “have tobacco of any kind in his mouth.”

“Now go find something better to do with your time,” the follower said.

The said comments have already been deleted as Matt is not a fan of bad words and “immature language,” which he pointed out in another controversial post, as reported in another Inquistr article. Matt shared an article yesterday about the war against ISIS in Iraq. Unfortunately, the Fox News article, which Matt initially shared, gave credit to U.S. President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. This led some of his followers to assume that Matt is a Trump supporter, triggering some hate aimed towards the Little People, Big World star.

What Matt is fond of is humor, particularly making fun of himself. Matt has what some has described as a comical personality and his effort to look like a bad boy is just one of the products of his funny, witty, and imaginative mind.