Ariana Grande’s Perfumes Bring In Over $150 Million

Ariana Grande's side hustle selling perfume has been quite profitable for the singer.

Ariana Grande's side hustle selling perfume has been quite profitable for the singer.

Ariana Grande may be known for her four-octave range, but it’s the beloved pop star’s perfume brand that has been a major source of her income over the past two years.

Grande kicked off her venture in 2015 with Ari by Ariana Grande, then went on to Sweet Like Candy, and most recently, Moonlight. All three fragrances combined have brought in $150 million in global sales since 2015.

Luxe Industries, the beauty giants who partnered with Ariana Grande on her fragrances, gushed about the singer’s accomplishments in a press release this week.

“In just two short years, Grande, in partnership with beauty industry leader, LUXE Brands, has built a fragrance franchise that has exceeded $150 million in retail sales globally,” read the statement, in part.

Ariana has not only met, but completely shattered their expectations. That said, celebrity-endorsed perfumes are definitely a saturated market. What is it that has made Ariana’s so profitable? According to Luxe Industries, Grande owes her success to her gargantuan social media following, which includes 115 million followers on Instagram, and the close relationship she maintains with her fans.

“The Ariana Grande fragrance business continues to defy the trajectory of celebrity fragrances. With Ariana’s undeniable status as an international superstar, the success of the Ariana Grande fragrance portfolio is certain to continue to reach new heights.”

Ariana Grande’s manager, Scooter Braun expressed a similar sentiment.

“The undisputed success of Ariana’s fragrance portfolio is a testament to her authentic connection with her fans and to her evolution from artist to megastar and role model.”

The press release doesn’t the state just how much of that $150 million actually goes to Ariana, but it’s an impressive sum nonetheless.

For comparison purposes, Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman World Tour grossed $71 million dollars in 2017, or just under half of what her trio of perfumes has brought in since 2015.

Ariana Grande isn’t the only celebrity who’s making serious money with her perfume venture, however. Kim Kardashian recently sold $10 million worth of her latest perfume, Crystal Gardenia, in just one day. Kim Kardashian also boasts an impressive social media following — 105 million Instagram followers alone — and an extremely personal relationship with her fanbase, so perhaps that’s the secret to achieving success in the world of celebrity fragrances.