Ghost Sex, Weird But Satisfying — Bizarre Trend Of Ghost And Human Sex Emerges

Not one but two women have stepped forward to tell their erotic and satisfying story of having sex romps with ghosts.

Not one but two women have stepped forward to tell their erotic and satisfying story of having sex romps with ghosts.

Ghost stories have become popular these days both in fictional and reality TV shows, but two women who are strangers to each other have recently come forward with eerie and yet erotic, ghost tales of their own. To add fuel to this weird ghost sex, parapsychologists are saying that this is not only entirely possible, but cases such as these have been documented before.

Those who practice on the side of science suggest that while a romp in bed with a ghost may feel very real, it is more than likely a hypnogogic hallucination, which some people experience during the transition from wakefulness to sleep. You won’t get Amethyst Realm, 27, to see this as a dream. She told ITV’s This Morning hosts her tale about seducing ghosts to her bed at night.

According to Cornwall Live, Amethyst has had sexual encounters with 20 ghosts, who she entices by slipping on lingerie when she’s in the mood. She has given up men in the flesh for this bizarre sex life with ghosts. Her goal is to find a “ghostly lover” to settle down with. She’s even done research into having a ghost baby.

The hosts of the morning show Phillip and Holly, were described as “stunned” as they listened to the rest of her story. At the time she was inviting all these ghosts into her bed she was engaged, but her fiance worked away from home for long periods of time. One day he came home to an apparition of a ghost man, who Amethyst believes had fallen in love with her.

Ghost of man in woods

This ghost showed himself in physical form to her fiance, something she has never seen. The ghost apparently wanted the fiance out of the picture. It appears that this ghost got its wish because Amethyst will only have ghost lovers now, no men in the flesh for her anymore, according to the Bristol Post.

Sian Jameson is another woman who is convinced that she was having “amazing sex” with a ghost, one that she spotted in a portrait hanging in the fully furnished 16th century home she rented.

Jameson, who is 26-years old, said a few months after moving into this house, she awoke to find a handsome man lying next to her in bed. She felt no fear as he communicated with her without saying a word, it was as if the two were reading each other’s minds. She said he was as light as a feather, but she could still feel him as he mounted her.

Woman enticing ghost

This very handsome ghost was gentle and aimed to please, leaving Jameson satisfied after her ghostly encounters. While young and handsome in his ghost form, this ghost was about 100-years-old and his name was Robert. He appeared one more time to her and then he was gone. During their second encounter, they embarked on another romp of sex as well. She knew he wouldn’t be back.

She had fallen in love with this ghost and she sobbed after he left that night, said Jameson. She has now moved onto a boyfriend from this world. He is a real man who she did share the story of her ghost lover with, but he laughed and thought it was probably a dream. But Jameson conveys that she knew better; Robert the ghost was real.

These ladies are not the first to make claims of having a sexual encounter or two with a ghost. Hollywood psychic-medium, Patti Negri, has conveyed how “having sex within the spiritual realm is highly possible, and a lot more common than people would assume,” according to Newsweek.