Giant Yellow Duck Takes A Bath In Sydney Harbor

Giant Yellow Duck

A giant yellow duck took a bath in Sydney Harbor today in preparation for the Sydney Festival this weekend.

According to ABC News, the five story duck took a test run in Sydney Harbor this morning. The piece of art, called “Rubber Duck,” will be officially unveiled on Saturday.

Florentijn Hofman, the 35-year-old Dutch artist who designed the duck, said that he isn’t creating giant pieces of art. Instead, he’s just making the world a little smaller.

Hofman said:

“I want to emphasize we are one family, we are one planet and we have to take care of each other and enjoy. It’s about meeting and it’s about talking to each other, getting into contact again by an impulse from this icon, this rubber duck.”

According to, the giant yellow duck will be part of Act Two – The Arrival on Saturday. The show will feature more than 100 acrobats, dancers, musicians, and, of course, one giant yellow duck.

The duck will remain in the harbor until the end of January. When it’s removed, Hofman said that people will look at Sydney Harbor in a new light.

“If you take it away … after, in this case, a month people will look at their harbour and it will be different.”

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first giant yellow duck to make the news recently. A giant rubber duck was floated down the River Thames in November by a company encouraging people to have more fun.

Here are some photos of the giant yellow duck.