Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon Returns For First Touchdown Since 2013

Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon returned to the field a week ago after an extensive NFL suspension for substance abuse. Josh Gordon excited Cleveland Browns fans in the first quarter as he caught a pass from DeShone Kizer and ran the ball 56 yards into the end zone for his first touchdown since 2013. Although Browns fans held onto hope throughout the game, Cleveland went on to lose to the Green Bay Packers in overtime. The game was not without excitement for loyal Cleveland Browns fans, however. At one point the Cleveland Browns led the Green Bay Packers 21-7, and Josh Gordon's touchdown reception is only the third boasted by a Browns receiver this season.

Josh Gordon was a star player before his suspension in 2014. He led all players in receiving yards in his second NFL season in 2013, and was a first team All-Pro pick. Josh Gordon was arrested in 2014 for driving while impaired and faced an NFL suspension for his violation of the league's drug policies. Josh Gordon was again suspended later in 2014 for breaking a Browns team rule. Josh Gordon did not fare any better in 2015, facing yet another suspension for testing positive for alcohol use. He applied for reinstatement again in 2016, only to be denied due to a failed drug screen.

Josh Gordon Headshot Cleveland Browns Return

After more failed reinstatement attempts due to testing positive for substances, Josh Gordon was conditionally reinstated to the Cleveland Browns and was eligible to play during week 13. He finished his first game as a return Browns player with 85 receiving yards. In week 14 against the Green Bay Packers, Josh Gordon excited fans as he caught a pass and led the Cleveland Browns to a touchdown.

Although Josh Gordon has faded from the public eye in recent months, he has been working out and preparing for his NFL return. Due to his past history with the NFL and substance abuse, Josh Gordon knew he would have to stay on a straight path in order to continue his career. He has successfully completed rehab and seems to be adapting well to his return to the NFL. Fans have shown a great deal of excitement to his return, taking to social media to comment on the Cleveland Browns exciting game against the Green Bay Packers.