Melanie Martinez Thanks Fans For Looking Into Timeline Of Rape Accusation

'The Voice' star has made a new statement about allegations that she raped Timothy Heller

'The Voice' star has made a new statement about allegations that she raped Timothy Heller

Melanie Martinez has made a new statement on Twitter about allegations that she raped her former best friend, Timothy Heller. In her tweets, she thanked fans for researching the timeline of the accusations.

“I understand how hard it could be to see my side of the story, considering no one with a heart would want to invalidate anyone speaking up about this topic.” she tweeted. “I want to thank my fans who took the time to research the timeline, analyze past Instagram photos, and question the story being told, which reveal her false statements.”

The 22-year-old singer and songwriter went on to say that she had trusted people who had taken that trust for granted and used it for “their own personal gain.” She added that she would never “be intimate with someone” without getting their full consent.

As Billboard reported, on December 4, Timothy Heller, a fellow female musician, went public with accusations that Melanie Martinez had performed oral sex and used a sex toy on her without her consent. Melanie Martinez denied the allegations, claiming that they “horrified” and “saddened” her and that Heller had never said no to anything they had decided to do together.

During her initial statement, Heller described Martinez as a best friend who had taken her in when she was going through a rough time. But she then used her power to intimidate her, Timothy claims.

In her original post, Heller claimed that she repeatedly said no to sexual advances from Martinez, but her refusals were ignored.

In a subsequent interview with Newsweek, Heller said that she thinks that Martinez found out that she was about to go public with the accusation on November 16. She claims that the former “The Voice” contestant tried to prevent the story from coming out.

According to Timothy, less than half an hour after she posted the tweet, Melanie started calling her repeatedly even though the two hadn’t spoken in over a year. Heller blocked the calls.

She has also said that Martinez’s fans see her as an angel, so she thought that no one would believe her if she talked about what allegedly happened. Timothy added that she still loved her for some time after the incident and felt a “sick need” to protect Melanie because she was a former friend of hers. Heller said that they remained friends for a while, but that things were “strange” between them from that night forward.