Jalen Vaden Accused With Killing Girlfriend’s Daughter After Refusing To Put On Pajamas

Jalen Vaden is being accused of killing his girlfriend’s daughter over her refusal to put on her pajamas. The little girl was only three-years-old at the time. Yahoo shared the details about what happened. This Missouri man was pretty upset with the little girl, but the only thing that has been revealed he was upset about was the fact that she wouldn’t put on her pajamas. He allegedly threw the little girl, three-year-old Jayda Kyle, to the ground over this, which caused her death.

He allegedly threw the little girl on the ground where she struck her head. Jalen admits to throwing her on the bed, but then later grabbing her by the leg and tossing her face first onto the floor. This shocking move ended up causing her death. According to him, he left the room when this happened and when he came back she was bleeding and unresponsive. It sounds like he didn’t notice this before he left the room.

The little girl did not pass away at the house, though. Police came and she was taken to the hospital. She was diagnosed with “abusive head trauma.” She ended up dying four days later on December 1. Her shocking death surprised everyone. The idea that she would die over something as simple as not putting on her pajamas. The head injuries that caused her death were because of Jalen Vaden throwing her down on the ground.

Jalen Dashawn Vaden is just 22-years-old. It doesn’t sound like he was the father of the little girl who passed away. He was the one who was taking care of her at the home though considering that he was living there with them.

Jalen Vaden was the live-in boyfriend of Jayda’s mom, but the mom was actually cleared of any wrong-doing at all in her daughter’s death. At this time, Jalen is in prison and is being charged with second-degree murder. It doesn’t sound like he is getting out anytime soon, though. He doesn’t even have a bond at this time, so he won’t be able to get out. Now, Jalen will have to go to trial and find out if he is convicted of her death.