Harry Reid Threw President Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Offering Into The Fireplace [Report]

Harry Reid threw Obama's offer in the fire

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid apparently didn’t think much of President Barack Obama’s fiscal cliff proposal. A new report gives an inside look at just how rough the fiscal cliff debate really was behind closed doors and alleges that even liberals turned against liberals in some cases (they were just way less public about it).

According to a report in The Washington Post, Reid disliked one of President Obama’s fiscal cliff proposals so much that he literally tore it up and threw it into the fireplace. The big disagreement was over Social Security, one of the so-called “entitlements” that the Right is keen on reforming.

The Post reports that Democrats were held up at one point, feeling they had gone as far as they possibly could. Reid and Obama disagreed about their next move, and, at one point, Reid was so unhappy with a proposal passed down from Obama through Senate aides that he ripped it up and threw it into the fireplace in his office.

The offer form Obama reportedly put Social Security back on the table in exchange for a delay in spending cuts and a rise in the debt limit.

“Aides said Reid actually tore up the proposal and threw it into the blazing fire in his ornate green marble fireplace. The paper burned. Reid said he didn’t want evidence that the idea had ever been considered. Administration officials, for their part, deny that Obama ever considered including the Social Security change in the deal.”

This wasn’t all they disagreed over, according to Mediaite. Reid told President Obama that he felt the deal ultimately reached would make liberals vulnerable in two months when the sequester fight comes along. He reportedly told Obama, “We’re setting ourselves up.”

Quite frankly, we have no idea what’s going on up on Capitol Hill anymore.