Eleven From ‘Stranger Things’ Vs. Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ — Actress Weighs In, Says You Can Stop Asking

Fans keep asking: who would win in a fight, Eleven or Matilda? 'Matilda' star Mara Wilson answers.

Fans keep asking: who would win in a fight, Eleven or Matilda? 'Matilda' star Mara Wilson answers.

Stranger Things, the Netflix hit, has fans asking a lot of questions. Some are comparing the abilities of Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) to those of Matilda (played by Mara Wilson) in the 1996 movie based on Roald Dahl’s beloved book. Both characters are young girls who have faced difficult childhoods, both emerge as strong, capable souls — and both have telekinetic abilities. Telekinesis, the ability to move objects with the mind, is key in both girls’ battle against oppressive forces.

However, fans of both Stranger Things and Matilda have been wondering — which girl, Eleven or Matilda Wormwood, would win in an all-out battle? Whose powers are strongest?

Mara Wilson has an advantage over the Stranger Things star when it comes to weighing in on such questions — Millie Bobby Brown’s social media pages are run by a family member, but as an adult, Wilson has public social media as well as a website where she posts her writing. She’s outspoken on political and social issues, and has amassed a following of fans, not only of her childhood acting, but of her current advocacy and expression.

This may be why, when Stranger Things and Metilda fans started asking the question, it was Mara who came forward with an answer. When the two fictional girls go head-to-head, who would win?

In fact, if Stranger Things and Matilda characters met, Mara has a completely different idea about who would lose.

Mara Wilson wins: Says Stranger Things Eeven and Matilda wouldn't fight.

It’s not all she’s had to say about the matter. Though Stranger Things and Matilda‘s settings would result in Eleven being older than Matilda, Mara believes that Matilda could have helped Eleven hone her powers. Of course, her character had the advantage of being able to practice in her room, while Eleven was flung directly into danger!

She’s not alone in this — People reporter Cici Adams weighed in, describing Matilda’s abilities as more “sharp and precise” compared to the Stranger Things character. Wilson didn’t disagree, but still affirmed that she doesn’t believe the pair would choose to fight.

“They have so much in common! Why would they ever fight???”

Stranger Things vs Matilda: no fight, says star

In fact, so many people keep asking about Stranger Things Eleven Vs. Matilda that Mara Wilson finally pinned her response to the top of her Twitter timeline so that people don’t have to wonder what her position is.

Millie Bobby Brown hasn’t weighed in publicly, but until she does, Mara Wilson’s response stands, and Stranger Things and Matilda fans have an answer!