WWE Suspends Rich Swann After Domestic Violence Police Report Says He Dragged Wife Su Yung AKA Vannarah Riggs

Rich Swann (aka Richard Allen Swann) has been suspended by the WWE, with the company explaining its “zero tolerance” policy for matters that involve domestic violence. Swann was “suspended indefinitely” after news of his arrest circulated. Swann was held without bail in the wake of being arrested on Saturday, December 9 after the WWE wrestler was charged with battery and false imprisonment.

According to Gainesville Police and as reported by Heavy, Swann was engaged in an argument with his wife, Vannarah Riggs, who wrestles on the independent wrestling circuit under the name Su Yung. Swann is a WWE superstar who reportedly got into an altercation with Riggs, who has been his wife since March. Su Yung had reportedly finished wrestling at a promotion event, and Swann was giving her feedback after her show.

According to Swann’s arrest report by the Gainesville Police Department, Vannarah feared that her husband would get violent with her as they argued, so she jumped out of the slowly moving car in order to escape him. However, Rich allegedly screamed at his wife and chased after her to get her to get back into the car. Swann allegedly put his wife in a chokehold and dragged her back into the car, according to witness reports.

Riggs next banged on the car window and screamed for others to help her get out of the dangerous situation, according to those who witnessed the altercation.

With Swann being charged with false imprisonment via the alleged kidnapping of his wife after allegedly dragging her back to the car, along with the domestic violence charges, it is expected that the WWE will change Swann’s indefinite suspension to an immediate termination if Swann is convicted of the charges.

According to Swann’s account of the incident, he never touched his wife, which flies in the face of witness reports and Yung’s allegation claiming that he dragged his wife back to the car.

Swann admitted that he wanted his wife to get back in the car, but he claimed he only wanted her back in the vehicle because Yung’s cell phone held the necessary GPS information that they required to make it to their next destination.