Justin Bieber’s Mom Pattie Talks About Her Great Relationship With Selena Gomez

Things are looking great for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber right now. Justin’s mom is speaking out about Selena and what a great relationship they have together. People shared the details about what she had to say. Judging from her comments, Pattie Mallette seems to be really happy about the reunion.

Mallette attended the Justice Speaks Holiday Benefit Luncheon in L.A. on Saturday, where she was the keynote speaker. People got the chance to talk to her and get a few details about her thoughts on Selena and more. She admitted that Justin doesn’t share a lot with her, so she doesn’t know all of the details about how they are doing.

Justin’s mom went on to explain that if Justin loves her, then she does too, but she also gets along great with Selena.

She went on to say, “I’ve met her and we have a special bond so I think she’s precious. I can’t really speak on their relationship, that’s between them.”

It really does seem like Justin has his mom on his side with this relationship.

Justin Bieber was in attendance at this event. He came to the event with his mom, and she had great things to say about Justin. She went on to explain that Justin is really focusing on God right now, which is a great thing. It really does seem like he has his act together. She is really proud of her son and how he is growing up. Justin seems to have his act together lately, which really impresses people.

A source close to Justin said that he took time off his tour to focus on himself and his mental health. It is obvious that he is doing just that, which fans love. He is really staying low-key, and that seems to be working for him. It also looks like getting his act together is what was able to help him get Selena back. This couple has been on again and off again for years.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seem to be back together. They have been attending church together and having a fun time. Fans are just going to have to wait and see how it goes for them.