Derick Dillard: Duggar Husband Shares Post Comparing Abortion To Spousal Murder

Duggar-in-law Derick Dillard has been vocal about his political and religious views, and viewers who have followed his social media for any length of time certainly know he's against abortion and LGBTQ+ rights. However, on Sunday morning, Derick shared a tweet that took this sentiment to an extreme level, comparing a woman's decision to have an abortion to murdering her husband.

Derick's views have netted him a lot of backlash, and TLC has distanced itself from the family, recently announcing that Dillard will no longer appear on Counting On with the rest of the Duggar family. This followed Derick's numerous tweets about Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager who also has a reality show on TLC. The network disavowed the Duggar husband's opinions and reiterated support for Jazz.

Dillard, in turn, responded by clicking "like" on TLC's tweet, as well as on a few tweeted news reports about Derick's severance from the network. The rest of the Duggar family has offered no public comment on Dillard's removal from their reality show.

Since then, Derick has continued to tweet Bible verses, opinions on transgender people's existence, and requests for donations to his latest GoFundMe -- a project which has raised just over $6,000 in a month, with nearly $5,000 of that in unverified offline donations. Although the fundraiser had a goal of $10,000, Dillard's latest update says the goal has been reached, and the page no longer accepts donations.

On Sunday, Derick returned to one of his regular social media topics: abortion. He retweeted a post comparing one woman's personal experience with abortion and miscarriage to a hypothetical woman who might murder her husband or lose him to a heart attack. While he has distanced himself from some of the Duggar family's beliefs, Dillard appears to stand with them on abortion.

The original tweet quotes Planned Parenthood and a Romper post, in which a woman described her personal experience, choosing an abortion at one time in her past, bearing one pregnancy to a live birth, and having three miscarriages. In the post, she describes people's conception of women who have abortions and women who have miscarriages as "very different" people, but notes that she, and many other women, can fit both of those categories.

The tweet Derick shared then compares this to spousal murder.

Some Twitter users were quick to let him know they disagreed or felt it was none of his business.
Notably, the original post did not say there was no difference between abortion and miscarriage. Instead, it described the difference in how women are treated with regard to each and expressed an opinion that this disparity isn't acceptable, but that both women should be treated with the same grace.

Derick Dillard has previously called for followers to oppose abortion and suggested those who have chosen one in the past should seek forgiveness.

Last month, he tweeted a Focus on the Family article encouraging readers to talk friends out of an abortion. Fans of Derick Dillard and the Duggar family have mixed responses to their religious and political stances.