Washington Post Reporter Apologizes For ‘Fake News’ About Trump ‘Packed To The Rafters’ Pensacola Rally Tweet

Journalist was personally called out by President Trump.

Journalist was personally called out by President Trump.

A Washington Post reporter has apologized for tweeting out a photo that seemed to mock President Trump for claiming that his Friday night rally in Pensacola, Florida, was packed to the rafters. If Trump had his way, however, the Post would be telling that reporter, Apprentice-style, “you’re fired.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Post journalist Dave Weigel shared an image on Twitter, the New York Times reported, of a half-empty arena, the Pensacola Bay Center, but apparently that was before most of the crowd, and President Trump himself, had arrived. Other news organizations picked up the same tweet.

While the president tends to perhaps be unduly sensitive about crowd size generally, and regardless of whether you support or oppose Trump, he routinely gets an immense turnout for political rallies, a trend that began during the 2016 presidential campaign. Pensacola may have been selected this time around because of its proximity to Alabama, where the important U.S. Senate special election is happening on Tuesday. President Trump is supporting controversial GOP nominee Judge Roy Moore over Democrat Doug Jones.

For Trump fans, it was another example as they see it of how the relentlessly negative mainstream media will breathlessly report virtually any anti-Trump story or portray Trump-related news, even petty incidents, in the worst possible light without proper due diligence or context.

President Trump took to Twitter and demanded an apology for the Pensacola tweet as well as calling for the reporter to be fired for what he described as fake news. See the Trump tweets below and draw your own conclusions.

Weigel complied with the president’s request for an apology over the “bad tweet,” noting that Daily Mail political editor David Martosko clued him in on where he went wrong.

“Sure thing: I apologize. I deleted the photo after @dmartosko told me I’d gotten it wrong. Was confused by the image of you walking in the bottom right corner.”

President Donald Trump Pensacola rally

In a follow-up tweet, Weigel emphasized that the Pensacola image was sent out on his personal account unrelated to the Washington Post, a publication that opposes much of the Trump agenda, and that it was fair game for him to be called out.

The Pensacola-related tweet mini-controversy comes against the backdrop of CNN being called out for a false story on Friday that the Trump campaign, including Donald Trump Jr., supposedly was offered early access to a WikiLeaks hack of the Democratic National Committee emails.

It turns out, however, that the CNN “bombshell” was a non-story in that the random email was dated September 14, 2016, not September 4 as CNN originally claimed. WikiLeaks had already released the DNC leaks into the public domain on September 13, the day before, so the CNN exclusive, which it promoted for hours on end, was actually insignificant.