Prince William And Prince Harry ‘Are Not Close’ To Stepmom Camilla Parker Bowles

If Camilla Parker Bowles ever wants to be the Queen of England, Prince William and Prince Harry must allow it.

If Camilla Parker Bowles ever wants to be the Queen of England, Prince William and Prince Harry must allow it.

When the day comes for Prince Charles to become king, his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, will become princess consort, instead of queen. If Charles wants his wife to be the Queen, he may need the backing of his two sons, William and Harry. However, according to sources, that isn’t likely to happen because the boys are not close to their stepmom. Would the young princes stop the Duchess of Cornwall from becoming the Queen of England?

Back when Prince Charles married Parker-Bowles back in 2005, he announced that his second wife would be princess consort (instead of queen consort) when he acceded to the throne, despite the fact that he would be a king and not a prince.

The title has no historical precedent since, under English common law, the wives of kings automatically become queens. Some experts believe that it is all fiction that will end when Queen Elizabeth dies and Camilla will be queen, regardless of her title. The Guardian reports that Charles will announce “Queen Camilla” at his Accession Council the day after his mother passes.

But, will William and Harry – or the people of the commonwealth, for that matter – allow Camilla to be their queen? Over the last decade, Parker Bowles has enjoyed a rehabilitation in her public image. For years, she was the villain in the supposed storybook marriage of Charles and Diana. However, everyone now knows the truth that the royal family arranged that marriage, and it was far from a fairytale. Plus, Parker-Bowles turned out to be not-so-evil after all.

Even though she has improved her image, it won’t be clear just how far she has come in the hearts and minds of the people of the U.K. until she accedes to queen — if she ever does.

According to the Daily Star, Prince William and Prince Harry may not be on board with the idea of their stepmom taking that role, and Parker Bowles is livid about the fact that the idea has been tossed around that they skip Charles completely when his mother dies and make William king instead.

Apparently, the Duchess of Cornwall blames Kate Middleton for that plan and has told her husband to fight for what is rightfully his.

She may have a better relationship with Harry’s fiancé, Meghan Markle. Since they are both outsiders of the royal family, the two have a lot in common and could bond quickly.

According to Us Weekly, when Harry and Markle announced their engagement, Parker Bowles said, “It’s brilliant! America’s loss is our gain.”

Prince William and Prince Harry have yet to comment on the stepmom’s future title.