Jamie Foxx Is Not ‘Afraid Of Criticism’ Regarding Katie Holmes, Casual Romance — Beauty Supports Actor In NYC

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have reportedly been secretly dating for a number of years now, and recently, they have been boldly making appearances in public, despite not admitting to any romance.

It was believed that Katie and Jamie were set to finally announce their relationship to the world after the two were spotted in Malibu this past summer walking hand-in-hand on the beach. Exactly five years following Katie Holmes’ divorce from Tom Cruise, with whom the beauty apparently had a five-year dating contract to abide by, many believed that the contract was up and was the reason Holmes and Foxx had carried on in secret. Yet, as noted, months later, no announcement has been made.

There have been ongoing reports, however, about the tension between the two due to the secretive nature of Katie and Jamie’s relationship, and rumors have swirled that the pair has been on the outs because of it. Recently, the rumor that has taken over, involves Fox as being the one who has opted for the secretive romance due to apparently being “afraid of criticism.”

According to Celebrity Insider, a source stated that Jamie Foxx is “afraid of criticism” he’ll receive if he openly dates Katie Holmes. However, Foxx is not afraid to openly date Katie Holmes, as Gossip Cop notes. The pair reportedly has admitted to friendship and obviously have a close bond, yet they insist that their relationship is not of a serious nature. Instead, they support each other and are said to see each other on a more casual basis.

Katie Holmes demonstrated that she has no problem supporting Jamie Foxx publicly by attending his event in New York this past week at the opening of the Privé Revaux flagship store in New York City on Monday, December 4.

While at the event, Katie was careful not to be photographed with Foxx and merely wanted to be presented as the supportive close friend to the Django Unchained star.

Still casually dating Foxx
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Although the relationship has been a bit of a mystery, it’s clear that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been an item for four years now, as Us Weekly reminds. Yet, it’s just as clear that both Holmes and Foxx are comfortable with the way their relationship is and have no need to profess their love for one another to the world. It’s obvious that Holmes wants to keep her personal life out of the spotlight after the media circus that followed her and Tom Cruise around during their marriage.