Dallas Cowboys Playoff Scenarios: Can Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott Get Cowboys To Playoffs?

Dallas Cowboys playoff scenarios still exist, despite the team sitting at 6-6 in the latest NFL standings. There are several scenarios where the Cowboys would wind up in the 2018 NFL Playoffs, but the team is certainly going to need a bit of help to get it done. It all starts with taking care of the New York Giants on Sunday (December 11). Improving to 7-6 in the NFL standings is the only way to make this work.

There are four regular-season games left on the Cowboys' schedule, coming against the Giants, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, and Philadelphia Eagles. The easiest route to the postseason is through those Eagles, with a very specific revelation in the Dallas Cowboys playoff scenarios. If the Cowboys win their final four games and the Eagles lose their four games, then Dallas will be hosting a first-round playoff game after winning the tiebreakers over Philadelphia. In that playoff scenario, the Cowboys would be NFC East champions.

The games left on the Eagles' schedule come against the Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, and Cowboys. Expecting the Eagles to lose the last five games of their season, including the Week 13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, might be a tough "ask" by any NFL fan. While it's certainly possible, especially when examining how well the Eagles perform against teams that are actually good, the odds are stacked against the Cowboys for that particular scenario.

There are other routes for the Dallas Cowboys to make the 2018 NFL Playoffs, but they are also longshots when breaking down the odds. Despite the Week 14 win by the Atlanta Falcons, the team is very vulnerable when it comes to the NFC Wild Card standings. As are the Seattle Seahawks. If the Falcons lose two of their final three games and the Seahawks lose three of their final four games, provided that the Cowboys win all four of their games, then again, Dallas will be playing a first-round playoff game.

The Falcons have games left against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, and Carolina Panthers. Any of those three games could go either way, suggesting the Falcons have a very difficult schedule left to play. The Seahawks have to play the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road, the Los Angeles Rams next week, and then an important game against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 16. That Dallas vs. Seattle game might have heavy playoff implications, especially if the Seahawks lose their next two games.

Most of the Dallas Cowboys playoff scenarios rely on the team finishing the season strong, but it's also time to start rooting for some other outcomes as well. To stand the best chance at making the 2018 NFL Playoffs, Cowboys fans should be rooting for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams in Week 14.