Is Kate Middleton’s Mom Carole ‘Worried’ About Meghan Markle’s Rising Popularity? [Debunked]

Are the future royal sister-in-laws competing?

Are the future royal sister-in-laws competing?

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is very close to her mother Carole Middleton, so the recent rumors that Duchess Catherine’s mom is “worried” about the flurry of publicity surrounding Prince Harry’s fiance, Meghan Markle, have many believing that this is true.

Are the future sister-in-laws already competing? Is Carole Middleton concerned about her oldest daughter because of the health of the new royal baby that is due in April. What are the rumors and what is the truth?

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, things are “not going well” for the Middleton family. The publication contends that because of the engagement between Prince Harry and the Suits actress, the Middleton “brand” is diminishing.

“Carole Middleton is worried about Meghan Markle’s popularity and how the Middleton brand is about to take a hit. In fact, the media can’t stop talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement, leaving Kate Middleton’s mother rather concerned about the future of her own family and the public spotlight.”

CDL also contends that as Markle is an experienced actress and is already an accomplished pubic speaker, Kate now feels “concerned about the future.”

They revert back to the claims that Kate is “workshy” and that she needs to “step up her workload.”

On the other hand, Gossip Cop refutes these allegations, pointing out that there is nothing that backs up these claims. They also point out that no one else is making the same sorts of claims.

Instead, they believe that there is plenty of room for both women to be “loved and adored” by the media and the public.

“But ever since it was first revealed Prince Harry was dating Markle, CDL has been acting as if there’s an ongoing competition between the actress and Middleton. There is not. There is plenty of room for both to be loved and adored and respected by the public and extensively covered by the media.”

The notion of Kate Middleton being “overshadowed” by red carpet savvy Meghan Markle is not new. Back in January 2017, the Daily Mail predicted that this year would be a tricky one for the Duchess of Cambridge. The move to London from their cozy and adored Norfolk home, turning 35 were cited as additional reasons that 2017 “could prove testing” for Kate.

This was a couple of months before the negative gossip surrounding Prince William’s “dad dancing,” yet, Kate and William impressed all when they went to Paris just a few days after all of the hubbub.

Throughout this year, Kate has shown herself to continue to be regal, and adored everywhere she goes. When the Cambridge family went on their highly publicized “charm offensive” visits to Germany and Poland, she was compared to Princess Diana, the greatest compliment of all.

Carole Middleton should not have any sort of concern about the “Middleton brand.” The “Kate Effect” is still influencing fashion, as well as the “Charlotte Effect,” and the “Pippa Effect.” Certainly there is plenty of room for the “Meghan Effect” as well.

There is also as much anticipation over Kate’s third royal baby as there is about Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding to Prince Harry.

In the end, the two women are going to be part of a close-knit team and will certainly be working together. Prince William and Prince Harry are part of the streamlined royals. And should Carole Middleton be concerned in any way about her daughter’s status, she should remember that according to People, Meghan will be required to curtsy to both William and Kate.