Jonah Hill Weight Loss Pictures: Actor’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cameo Sparks Viral Response, ‘Skinny Shaming’

Hill's amazing transformation went viral across social media and prompted a bit of controversy.

Hill's amazing transformation went viral across social media and prompted a bit of controversy.

Jonah Hill is going viral after his surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live, with pictures of the actor’s amazing weight loss spreading across social media and some people taking aim at his new weight.

Hill’s friend and frequent co-star James Franco was the host of SNL this week, and Jonah showed up in the audience along with Seth Rogen during the monologue. But most of the attention was on Jonah Hill’s amazing weight loss, which quickly went viral online. During the show, Hill’s name shot to the top of Twitter’s trending terms and many people shared screenshots of his dramatically different new look.

It also brought some criticism as well. A number of people felt that Jonah Hill had lost too much weight, criticizing him for seemingly going too far in his weight loss journey. This sparked quite a debate among people who defended Hill from the so-called “skinny shaming.”

“I don’t understand why people are being rude about jonah hill losing weight… like??? y’all fat shame him when he fat and now bashing on him for being skinny?” wrote one of Hill’s defenders.

Those who have been following closely wouldn’t have been too surprised to see the pictures and video Jonah Hill’s weight loss. News outlets have been following along as the once large-framed actor got into shape with a strict regimen of diet and exercise.

Just a few weeks ago, the New York Post’s Page Six spotted Hill during filming for the Netflix series Maniac, taking note of his much thinner physique. As the report noted, Hill’s size has fluctuated a bit in recent years, as he put on weight for some roles and took it off for others, including the 40 pounds he added for the 2015 film War Dogs. But overall, Hill has been on a steady decline since his acting debut when he reportedly topped 300 pounds.

Around the same time, In Touch Weekly published a gallery of pictures showing Jonah Hill’s weight loss to date. The actor told the outlet that his weight loss came as he found more maturity.

“Getting in better shape is a sign of maturity. I think you are taken more seriously,” he said.

Despite some shots from “skinny shamers,” Jonah Hill’s weight loss has earned him plenty of attention as the pictures of his new frame continued to go viral on social media hours after his Saturday Night Live cameo.