‘Vanderpump Rules’ News: Jax Taylor Speaks Out Against The Haters On Social Networks

Slaven Vlasic Getty Images

Last week on Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor had to deal with a lot of hate due to people saying that he might have cheated on Brittany Cartwright. Faith Stowers tried to say that Jax slept with her while he was with Brittany. People shared that Jax doesn’t have time for haters.

Fans started giving him a really hard time on social networks after this episode aired. Brittany has a ton of fans and nobody wanted to hear that he did anything wrong to her. Jax finally went to his Twitter to speak out to the haters.

“Your choice. No one cares what you say and no one will see it. You wanna be cool for two seconds be my guest,” he said.

On the episode, Faith Stowers told everyone at Scheana Marie’s birthday party that she slept with Jax Taylor while she was working as a caretaker. She even revealed that they were not careful and that there is a good chance that she is pregnant now. The Inquisitr shared that it doesn’t appear that Faith is pregnant. She has been posting all over social networks and making it pretty clear that she doesn’t look pregnant. That will make things a lot easier if that is the case.

Next week, Jax is going to have to convince everyone that he never cheated on her. Brittany told him that she would leave if she found out that it was true. So far, Jax Taylor is denying that he cheated, but his ex-girlfriend, Stassi Schroeder, said that she wasn’t convinced he didn’t. Stassi knows Jax pretty well.

Jax and Brittany have already been through a lot together. It looks like they are going to make it, though. This season the fans will get to watch all of the ups and downs of their relationship and it doesn’t look like it is going to be an easy road for these two.

The fans are going to have to wait until next week to see more details about if Jax Taylor really cheated on Brittany Cartwright or not. Don’t miss the new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights on Bravo.