Melania Trump Claimed ‘Spooks’ Slowly Poisoning Her Husband? No, But Fake Article About Donald Gets 200 Shares

In the wake of President Donald Trump recently slurring his words, as reported by the Inquisitr, folks are coming up with fictional reasons why they believe Trump began slurring. An article is appearing on various websites notorious for fake news with a headline that reads, “Melania Trump Claims ‘Spooks’ Are Slowly Poisoning Her Husband.” The basis of the article claims that First Lady Melania Trump has a fear of a “secret poisoner in the White House” who has allegedly been targeting Trump with “heavy sedatives” that have been placed inside of Trump’s drinks.

According to the New York Times, Trump drinks about one “dozen Diet Cokes” each day; therefore, the fake article has likely used bits of real life to come up with the premise for the fake piece. The false report claimed that the person poisoning Trump was doing so in order to gain control of him and slow him down to discredit his presidency.

The whole notion of Trump being poisoned is fake, as reported by Gossip Cop. But that hasn’t stopped people from sharing the article on Facebook and commenting about the notion of Melania allegedly telling friends that Trump’s once robust and high energy state has been replaced with his current “slower, damaged version.” The article claiming that Trump is slurring by 8 p.m. and that the president is no longer the man Melania knows is getting plenty of discussion on social media.

As seen in some of Facebook comments about the article, certain folks are writing that they believe Trump is being poisoned and are writing prayers for Trump to be protected from those allegedly pumping sedatives into his body via his Coca-Cola drinks “that he orders by pressing a button he had installed on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.”

One version of the article has been shared nearly 200 times on Facebook, even as the article has been debunked as fake. The fact that the article claims Melania told friends that “spooks” are poisoning her husband — which is a term that can be defined as “a contemptuous term for a black person” — is being lost on some who wholeheartedly agree that Trump’s odd behavior can be attributed to poison.

Melania allegedly told Donald to stop drinking water from the tap and his health supposedly improved when he did so, says the fake article. Melania has been keeping a close eye on what Donald eats and drinks due to the “high level operation” that is “not the work of a solitary loon,” but a “deep state” type of poisoning, claims the fake piece.