Attempted Robbery Goes Hilariously Wrong When Man Calls Mom For Ride Home

Niceville, FL – Today’s dumb criminal probably should have thought a bit more about his getaway plan when he decided to rob his local convenience store. The robbery didn’t go so well, and he rang up his mom for a ride home.

Zachariah Dalton Howard is 22-years-old but apparently not yet able (or willing) to cut his end of the cord. According to the press release from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Howard dressed himself in a long black coat, hoodie, and blue jeans and headed into a Thumbs-Up Convenience Store in Niceville with every intention of robbing the joint.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that Howard told the clerk inside the Thumbs-Up that he was carrying a gun, who responded by showing the would-be robber an empty cash register. We don’t know if the clerk said “Sorry, bro,” but we like to imagine that was the case.

Anyway, Howard left the Thumbs-Up empty-handed and headed over to a nearby Winn-Dixie where he allegedly called his mom for a ride home.

MSN reports that Howard wasn’t even planning on robbing the Thumbs-Up initially. He told cops that he came up with the idea on his way there. Though he told the clerk that he was carrying a gun, the authorities noted in the report that he didn’t actually possess any weapons.

Clever guy, huh? The only thing missing from this story is the part where he used his one phone call to ring up his mom again, this time for a ride home from jail.