WWE News: Vince McMahon Behind Broken Matt Hardy After Huge Crowd Reaction

After some WWE rumors started spreading last week that claimed that Vince McMahon was not behind the Woken Matt Hardy gimmick, it turns out those rumors were reportedly false. According to Sports Illustrated, McMahon is a "significant proponent" of the character and is completely behind Hardy when it comes to putting this entire gimmick together. While some might wonder why McMahon is such a huge fan of a gimmick the WWE had nothing to do with creating, IWNerd reported on Friday that a fan video hit the Internet that showed how loud the crowd reaction was when the Woken Matt Hardy character made its debut on Monday Night Raw this past week.

The Debut Of Woken Matt

Two weeks ago, Matt Hardy lost a match to Bray Wyatt on Monday Night Raw and grew angry and frustrated after the loss. He sat in the corner and started yelling "delete" over and over while slashing the bottom ropes with his arm. The crowd loved it and chanted "delete" along with Hardy. That was a good sign that the Woken Matt Hardy gimmick would work.

However, the official debut of Woken Matt Hardy came this past week on Monday Night Raw and it wasn't a live appearance, but a surprise video on the Titan Tron. It all started as a basic Bray Wyatt video where he talked about Matt Hardy.

As heard in the fan-shot video from Monday Night Raw, a lot of fans in the audience were talking about Matt Hardy showing up. What they might not have expected was that Woken Matt Hardy would interrupt the actual Bray Wyatt video.

In what could have failed due to it being a pre-recorded video, Woken Matt Hardy was a huge success. Fans were quiet during Bray Wyatt's speeches, but then went nuts when Matt appeared on the screen. The fans seemed to love it when Hardy went nuts in the video, especially his manic laughing.

By the end of the video, the entire crowd was chanting "delete" and was extremely loud in response to the long-awaited gimmicks arrival.

The Future Of The Woken Gimmick

There was a lot of concern that Matt Hardy would never get to use his Broken Universe gimmick in the WWE since Impact Wrestling owned the rights. However, two weeks ago, Impact Wrestling announced they changed their stance on wrestlers using their gimmicks when leaving the company.

This allowed the Woken Matt Hardy gimmick to show up in the WWE and they are running with it. Sports Illustrated reported that their contact in the WWE informed them that Vince McMahon will allow Matt Hardy the creative license to establish his character since he already had success with it.

The WWE has always seemed to view Jeff Hardy as a top star and this is Matt's chance to prove he is a main event talent as well - at least when it comes to his Woken Matt Hardy gimmick.