Andy Cohen And Melissa Gorga Are Being Sued For $30 Million

The host and 'RHONJ' star are being accused of defamation.

The host and 'RHONJ' star are being accused of defamation.

There’s nothing to be envied about being sued for $30 million. That is the unfortunate reality for Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen and Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga.

The suit, brought on by Melissa’s ex-partner Jackie Beard Robinson, is claiming the duo defamed her while filming the hit reality show, and while on WWHL. Fans will remember Jackie as the wacky partner who helped Melissa launch Envy during last season of RHONJ. When the current season kicked off, Melissa explained how Jackie stole all of the store’s merchandise in the middle of the night and sold it to notorious RHONJ gossip and pot-stirrer, Kim DePaola.

Jackie filed the documents on Wednesday, according to Us Weekly, and claimed she was the sole owner of Envy boutique when their agreement was first signed back in August 2015. In the lawsuit, Jackie is alleging she took all the Envy merchandise in the middle of the day on January 1, 2017, not in the middle of the night as Melissa claimed.

According to Jackie, Melissa was “misappropriating over $37,000 from Envy without authorization,” which caused the falling out between the two partners. This sparked Jackie’s response of wiping out the store and dissolving their relationship.

After the clearing out of Envy and RHONJ Season 8 began filming, Melissa admitted in her confessional that Jackie had stolen all of the store’s products without leaving so much as a hanger. The story came up again on WWHL when Melissa was a guest back in October. When Andy asked Melissa if Jackie had ripped her off, she replied with a firm “Yes.”

Jackie is claiming the lies spread by Melissa are defamation and have caused a negative effect on her business and reputation as a “fashion influencer.” Andy is included for discussing the promoting the conversation with Melissa on live television.

NBCUniversal as a whole is also included in the suit, as well as RHONJ production executive Dorothy Toran.

A Bravo spokesman told Us Weekly, “There is no merit to this lawsuit,” and it’s unlikely Jackie will get the $30 million she desires. Melissa and Andy have not made a public statement about the lawsuit yet.

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