Madonna Is Fat-Shamed By Some LGBT Community Members

Daryl Deino

The LGBT community has experienced its share of discrimination. In fact, up until five years ago, it was common for gay, lesbian, or transgender teenagers to kill themselves rather than face the world as who they were. However, there have been several recent reports of racism, anti-Semitism, and even misogyny within the community.

Many found it quite disturbing that Madonna, a huge LGBT icon, was ruthlessly fat-shamed by some gay men on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets. The Data Lounge, a very popular gay gossip site, not only had an entry about Madonna becoming "fat," but actually advertised it as a headline on Twitter.

If you haven't already heard, Madonna appeared on Live With Kelly & Ryan Friday. The most publicized aspect of the interview, as Billboard reported, was the Material Girl's eventual 2018 musical comeback. Madonna, appearing to have gained some weight (but not what is normally considered fat), told special guest Anderson Cooper that she was planning to tour and record an album in the next year.

However, it was pointed out on The Data Lounge simply that Madonna got fat.

"She and Mooriah have been hitting the cakes," pointed out one commenter.

"Wow, she went from one extreme to the other. That is a real granny gut," pointed out another.

"I see it as a reality check for her and anyone else who thinks it can be avoided. She is strong though, she bends really well on those knees- impressive for a woman her age. Not bad," said an anonymous commenter.

And its important to note that this particular website is known for its extremes and makes everybody a target. But even under Billboard's article, some couldn't resist the pot shots.

"Desperately Seeking Donut? Not trying to be a misogynist here, but how the hell did Madonna get so FAT? It makes me miss the days of scrawny Concentration Camp Madonna," says someone who calls himself "Proud Gay Millennial."

The fat-shaming of Madonna, even by some who call themselves "fans," didn't go unnoticed on Twitter.