‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Could Mini Disco Ball Have Drew’s Memories? Andre’s Game-Changing Gift To Anna

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna may have the secret to Drew’s (Billy Miller) erased memories right in her lap. Ever since Andre (Anthony Montgomery) revealed that a memory mapping study was done on Drew, he has been on a mission to find out who ordered it and if it is possible to get his memory back. Andre hasn’t been very forthcoming with information regarding the study and is understandably incredibly frustrated with his life right now.

One of the questions Drew wants to be answered is whether his memories were permanently erased or whether they were stored in some other location. Andre’s answers were elusive and vague and Drew found no joy when he questioned him. General Hospital spoilers suggest that if Drew expands his search, he will find that Andre gave Anna (Finola Hughes) something which seems innocuous enough but now may be one of the keys to solving the mind mapping mystery.

Andre gave Anna a mini disco ball as a farewell gift in remembrance of how they lit up the dance floor. General Hospital spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, state that Anna will suddenly have a shocking insight. Could this realization have to do with the Jason (Steve Burton) and Drew mystery? How does the mini disco ball fit into all of this?

General Hospital spoilers hint that the mini disco ball may hold valuable information and that there is even a chance that Drew’s memories are stored inside this ornament. It could possibly even lead them to the mastermind behind the Drew and Jason mind mapping experiment. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna will be roped into helping Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason next week, and she will, no doubt, tell them about her suspicions.

If Andre managed to store his memories in the mini disco ball, then Drew will at least have two options available. His first challenge will be to determine whether it is possible to restore his memory. According to Andre, there is zero chance of that ever happening, but this begs the question of why store Drew’s memories in the first place if there is truly no chance? Secondly, what will the risk be of losing his current memory if they tamper with his mind once more? Surely, he doesn’t want to risk forgetting Sam or the kids they raised together? Stay tuned for the latest General Hospital spoilers, update, and news.