Trump Claims On Twitter His Florida Rally Was ‘Packed To The Rafters’ – Photos Of Empty Seats Vs. Full Arena

President Donald Trump took to the stage at the Pensacola Bay Center on Friday, December 8, to speak to attendees at his campaign-style rally in Florida. By the morning of Saturday, December 9, Trump took to Twitter – as seen in the below tweet – to boast about the “GREAT EVENING” he had with his supporters inside the arena that was “packed to the rafters,” according to Trump. POTUS wrote about the loud crowd that was “loving and really smart.”

However, some Twitter users began posting photos such as those seen below as proof that Trump’s rally wasn’t “packed to the rafters” as Trump had claimed on Twitter. Memories of Trump’s alleged inflated inauguration crowd claims began to resurface. As reported by Raw Story, Trump began his crowd-size debates by tweeting about a “big crowd expected today in Pensacola” on Friday morning. Trump held his rally mere minutes away from the Alabama border as he implored the crowd to vote for Roy Moore.

Moore is the controversial subject of Tuesday’s special election for the Alabama senate seat, which was vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sexual assault allegations against Moore have brought backlash against Trump’s support for Roy, as reported by ABC News.

Photos like the following ones have begun to appear in the reply section of Trump’s tweet, asking him if they represent images of his “packed to the rafters” and “really smart” claims.

Trump’s Twitter followers disputed his “packed to the rafters” claims by showing empty rafters, although it isn’t clear at what point prior to the rally beginning some of the photos were taken. Either way, the photos seem to fly in the face of Trump’s claims about the crowd size, because the photos were taken apparently after the crowd was allowed to come inside the arena, without showing lines of folks attempting to fill the many empty seats.

Other people are posting photos and videos like those below, which purport to show that Trump’s rally allegedly really was “packed to the rafters.”

Twitter users like those below show a fuller crowd, with people sitting in the rafters.

Videos like those below show the crowd size as the videographer pans the room during Trump’s speech.