Donald Trump Approval Rating: Trump Is Now Less Popular Than Root Canals, Traffic Jams, And Jury Duty

Trump reaches lowest rating of his presidency as scandals, unpopular decisions start to mount.

Trump reaches lowest rating of his presidency as scandals, unpopular decisions start to mount.

To say that Donald Trump’s approval rating is low might be an understatement, according to some viral polls.

This week, a new poll released by Pew Research Center found that Donald Trump’s approval has fallen to 32 percent, the lowest he has polled during the entire 11 months he has spent in office. Trump’s disapproval rating was at 63 percent, and it also showed a growing number of Americans siding against the president on the Russia investigation. A total of 30 percent said they believed that senior Trump officials “definitely” had improper contact with Russia during the campaign and another 30 percent said it “definitely or probably did happen.”

While Trump has suffered from low polling dating back to the 2016 campaign, this marks his lowest point yet and comes amid ever-growing scandal. Trump just netted his first major legislative accomplishment, but it comes with a tax overhaul that remains deeply unpopular with the American people. The number of sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood and Congress have also cast new light on Trump and his 16 accusers.

There have been a number of other smaller controversies chipping away at Trump’s popularity, including a bizarre incident this week in which he appeared to slur his words while delivering a speech on moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, sparking questions about his health.

The latest poll shows that Donald Trump is now even less popular than some of the most famously bothersome annoyances that people face in their everyday lives. Last year, the pollster PPP conducted some polling on how Trump compares to things like root canals, hemorrhoids, and cockroaches.

As Indie Week noted, at the time, Trump fared better than only a few of them, topping hemorrhoids and cockroaches but falling behind Nickleback, lice, and the DMV. But with the latest polling, Trump has now fallen behind all of them.

While the polls come from different polling firms, the PPP poll taken early in the 2016 race shows that all of those annoyances scored better than Trump’s 32 percent. That means Donald Trump is less popular than hemorrhoids, cockroaches, Nickleback, used car salesmen, traffic jams, hipsters, the DMV, root canals, jury duty, and lice.