Prince Harry Sacrifices This 18-Year Bad Habit For Meghan Markle, But What Of ‘Knees-Up’ Stag Party?

Meghan Markle reportedly is set on reforming Prince Harry's bad habits, including smoking up to 20 cigarettes daily, but the former playboy prince's stag party may turn into a wild and smoky affair, say some royal insiders.

Meghan Markle reportedly is set on reforming Prince Harry's bad habits, including smoking up to 20 cigarettes daily, but the former playboy prince's stag party may turn into a wild and smoky affair, say some royal insiders.

Meghan Markle is known to be extremely health-conscious, following a virtuous diet and exercise plan. Now that she is engaged to Prince Harry, she reportedly is focused on getting him to follow in her healthy lifestyle footsteps. After 18 years of secretly smoking, Harry is ready to reform for love. But the former playboy may not be ready to go all the way, with stag party speculation at an all-time high.

Meghan Markle Gets Prince Harry To Reform

It’s notoriously challenging to stop smoking, with some stopping and starting for years. But Meghan Markle is such a strong influence in Prince Harry’s life that she persuaded him to stop smoking within a shockingly short time after the engagement announcement, reported the Daily Mail.

“With his health-conscious fiancée now ensconced in his Kensington pad, Prince Harry is having to reassess his lifestyle. And the first thing the party-loving prince has had to confront is his love for a cheeky cigarette.”

Just days after announcing their engagement, Prince Harry has given up smoking. The news about Harry tossing out his rule-breaking cigarettes is sparking speculation about his stag party, which is rumored to turn into a royal-rule breaking affair.

Prince Harry Broke Rules At His Famous Parties For Years — But For Meghan Markle, He Quits

Prince Harry has broken the rules about smoking for years, even though the official rules say that smoking is not allowed at Nottingham Cottage. However, Harry is famous for his swinging dinner parties, at which he broke the rules. Now that Meghan Markle has entered his life, however, the prince’s ever-present Marlboro Lights are just a smoky memory, a pal told the Daily Mail.

“Harry has promised no smoking at all at home. It’s not nice for Meghan as a non-smoker. So there’s no more hanging out of the window for a quick puff.”

The prince quit smoking for Markle, revealed the friend. But while cigarettes aren’t on the menu at Harry’s parties anymore, the prince reportedly is looking forward to his stag party. Will he reject a quick puff if a pal offers him a cigarette there?

Prince Harry Had 20-Cigarettes-A-Day Habit

The International Business Times reported that Harry, 33, smoked for 18 years. The prince dated Meghan for 16 months, but only after announcing their engagement on November 27 did he finally give up his smoking habit.

Markle is famous for her focus on nutrition, making Harry’s smoking particularly offensive to her, according to the source cited by the publication. The prince has been seen smoking in public for years, including a birthday celebration with pals by a pub.

Royal family members reportedly tried to get Harry to sacrifice his cigarettes. But even though his dad Prince Charles was strongly opposed to his son’s smoking, he refused to quit. Prince Harry reportedly has been smoking since he was 15-years-old and a student at Eton.

Harry reportedly stopped smoking at one point after he joined the army. But the prince resumed his habit in 2007, smoking up to 20 cigarettes daily during his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Despite that, Harry attempted to avoid photographers when he smoked because Prince Charles was so against the habit.

Meghan Markle Famously Health-Conscious, But Will Prince Harry Toss Out Rules During Stag Party?

Meghan has called green juice part of her “food as medicine” lifestyle. The health-conscious actress has discussed her passion for healthy, homemade meals. As the Inquisitr pointed out, Markle shocked royal observers by keeping her Instagram public, with photos revealing everything from racy yoga poses to her bikini body diet.

But while Meghan sticks to her healthy diet of hot water with lemon, green juice, and apples with almond butter, Prince Harry’s pals may be secretly planning a very unhealthy stag party. Some had speculated that “court jester” Guy Pelly would arrange the stag party at his Chelsea nightclub Tonteria. However, Guy is giving up that business.

Another one of Prince Harry’s friends, Mark Dyer, sold his Chelsea pub. It’s thought, therefore, that at least one stag party will be hosted by Jake Parkinson-Smith, owner of a members-only basement club, Albert’s. Harry is known to frequent that club.

Meghan Markle Engagement Sparks Speculation About Prince Harry’s Stag Party Plans: Will He Break No-Smoking Rule Again?

As noted, Prince Harry previously broke the royal rules when he smoked at his dinner parties. With his pals preparing the stag party, will the prince give in and indulge in a cigarette again if and when the atmosphere becomes temptingly smoky? Harry is known for his love of a jolly good celebration, and a stag party offers the opportunity to indulge, pointed out the Mirror.

“The plans of his stag do are on everyone’s lips, as the man who has been known to party in the past gets ready to say goodbye to [being] one of the most eligible bachelors around.”

Prior to meeting Markle, any stag party in which Harry participated was expected to turn into a “massive knees up” celebration, according to the publication. But in the wake of his engagement to the health-conscious actress, expectations have shifted.

Prince William reportedly is organizing Prince Harry's official stag party. But unofficial celebrations may turn into wild events, speculate observers of the "party prince."

Rather than a smoky, wild party, one source quoted by the UK newspaper hinted at a somewhat more subdued celebration rather than a rule-breaking celebration. Meghan Markle’s beau once was known as the “party prince,” but the insider predicted that the stag party may not be quite as wild as some had expected.

However, more than 36,000 people sent in responses to Prince Harry’s “stag do.” The responses resulted from a Facebook event designed to honor the engagement, which quickly went viral. Although Prince William reportedly is set to organize the official stag party, this unofficial stag party may fulfill expectations for Harry to channel his inner playboy prince for once last wild, smoking hot celebration. It reportedly starts on May 10 at 4:20 p.m. and continues straight through to 10 a.m. the next day at Buckingham Palace.