Charlie Sheen Files Suit Against The National Enquirer For Corey Haim Rape Allegations

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Charlie Sheen isn’t messing around when it comes to rape allegations. Last month, the National Enquirer ran a story about the actor and the late Corey Haim. This was a huge story as sexual abuse and misconduct stories throughout Hollywood were popping up in droves.

These allegations about Charlie Sheen were shot down by Corey Haim’s mother when they came out. She spoke out against what the National Enquirer had printed, which caused a lot of stir. Sheen is known to be a Hollywood playboy, but calling him a rapist is something that can never be undone. Throughout the last 30 years, he has been a part of the movie and television industry. Now, his image is tarnished more than ever because of the printed rape allegations by the tabloid. Sheen would have been 19 at the time of the alleged rape, putting Haim at just 13.

According to People, Charlie Sheen filed the suit against the National Enquirer, Dylan Howard, and Dominick Brascia. The allegations in the suit detail that Howard has a vendetta against the actor because he was not the first one to break his HIV story back in 2015. Since then, the top editor for the tabloid has published questionable things about Sheen. The allegations of rape were the final straw.

Since the allegations were published a month ago, Charlie Sheen has denied the claims. There has been no backtracking from the actor at all. The accusations detailed in the National Enquirer not only hurt Sheen, but they damaged his reputation and ability to seek employment. He hasn’t had a squeaky clean record, and while the drugs and volatile relationships have made news, the rape and sodomy accusations were more damaging than anything he really did.

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It will be interesting to see what happens when the case goes in front of a judge. Charlie Sheen is not going to let this one go. The suit is detailed with Dylan Howard’s vendetta, accusations about Dominick Brascia’s relationship with Corey Haim, and other pertinent information. Initially, the published post indicated there were several people who could back up the claims, but at this point, no one has come forward to confirm the accusations.

Several years have gone by since Corey Haim died. Using his name now as a link to the Hollywood scandals is important for Corey Feldman as well. While Haim’s mom has had her words about her son’s friend, much of what has been discovered has been talked about for years under hushed circumstances. Charlie Sheen has not been mentioned by either party and with Haim’s mother speaking in favor of the actor, there is little doubt that he will win the claim against the National Enquirer.