Joey Feek Cancer Update: In Joey's Final Hours, Rory Finds Comfort In Touching Email

While the latest cancer update for Joey Feek is not positive, her husband, Rory, is doing all that he can to stay positive for his family. After falling into a deep sleep last week, it is only a matter of time before Joey ultimately passes away from the cervical cancer that she was diagnosed with in June 2014. In addition to continuing to share his thoughts on his blog entitled This Life I Live, Rory has also posted a touching tribute video to his wife that shows just how much he truly loves and cares for her.

After things got worse for Joey in October 2015, the couple decided that they would stop all treatments. Since the cancer was diagnosed as terminal, Joey was moved into hospice care in order to make her last days more comfortable. While Joey knew that her time was short, she hoped to survive long enough to celebrate Christmas, Valentine's Day, the Grammys, and her daughter Indiana's second birthday. She was alive and conscious to celebrate all of them.

As Rory discussed in his latest blog post on This Life I Live, Joey is asleep and could pass at any time. With nothing else to do other than sit with his wife in her final moments, Rory also discussed a touching email that he recently received from a fan. In the email, the fan referred to him as a "cowboy." Since Rory does not consider himself a cowboy, he was confused about why the fan would call him that.

Joey and Rory Feek Cancer Update Video and Death
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Since there was no explanation in the email, Rory decided to show the message to Joey for her opinion. While Joey did not actually say anything to Rory, her wink told him everything that he needed to know.

"You may not understand...but I do."

And this meant everything to Rory. While it was not important that he knew the true meaning behind the fan referring to him as a "cowboy," Rory found comfort in the fact that Joey knew exactly what the writer of the email meant. In the email, the fan explains to Rory that Joey felt just as lucky to have him as he felt to have her.

"Cowboy, you get to stand on the same stage as her. She looks at you, into your eyes. She's not looking at the crowd for attention. She's looking at you, because she's amazed by you. Cowboy, that's an old fashioned love, that you get to experience. She can't fake that, and she can't help that. She can't hide that. We can all see that. Well done. Partner, there's a beautiful little girl who is learning how to look at her dad, because she see's how her mommy looks at you. Ms. Joey's done her job – and done it well. Now she can just be a mommy. Little girls like yours may learn different than other children, but they learn. They learn and know love better than most of us. I grew up with a mom who worked with special needs children. Few things can love, like a child with special needs. Truly a blessing of life long love."

In many of his posts, Rory questions why Joey picked him. While he loves and cherishes Joey, he felt as though she had her pick of any man that she wanted. While Rory may not have seen it previously, it was painfully obvious to everyone else how lucky Joey felt to be married to him.

As the email states, Rory was the only thing that Joey would notice in a room full of people. While Joey may have been the center of the attention to the crowd, the only thing that was ever on her mind was Rory. Being extremely humble and selfless, Rory may still not understand the full message of the email, but Joey truly treasured him.

Even though the latest Joey Feek cancer update is grim, Rory continues to stay strong and think of the positive times with his wife.

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