Arie Luyendyk Jr. Seemingly Spoils ‘Bachelor’ Ending, Does It Sync With Reality Steve’s Final Rose Scoop?

Social media posts from Arie Luyenduk Jr. may have just confirmed 'Bachelor' spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve

Social media posts from Arie Luyenduk Jr. may have just confirmed 'Bachelor' spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s spin as ABC’s The Bachelor lead begins airing in January, but his final rose ceremony already took place and gossip guru Reality Steve has shared his spoilers about what went down. While viewers will not see the final rose ceremony until this spring, some people think that Luyendyk and his lady have just confirmed the Season 22 ending via accidental spoilers on social media.

As was previously shared by the Inquisitr, Reality Steve’s final rose spoilers for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Bachelor season reveal that he picked Becca Kufrin over Lauren Burnham at the end of Season 22. Arie and Becca reportedly got engaged, but they are supposed to be going to great lengths right now to keep anybody else from finding out that they are together.

However, Bachelor spoiler fans have learned to keep a close eye on the social media posts of contestants and some just noticed what seemed to be a major giveaway. Franchise couples typically have a few hideaway trips together during this time between filming and the finale airing, and it looks like Arie and Becca just spent time together. Reality Steve shared a tweet by Twitter poster @houston_erwin that linked to a pair of images saved by eagle-eyed spoiler fans.

The images compare a photo Luyendyk posted on social media hyping Bachelor producer Elan Gale’s book and it just so happens that the background clearly matches the setting that Kufrin shared in a recent Instagram story showing her in Fort Myers, Florida. The setting is such that it looks quite obvious that the two were together.

Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that this isn’t the first time that Luyendyk has shared something on social media that pointed toward Kufrin as being his final rose recipient. It seems that Arie, Becca, and some of his friends were together recently and various versions of photos from the gathering were posted, then deleted on social media.

The Bachelor spoiler king explains that Kufrin was with the group, but it may have been hard for most people to tell due to the helmets many in the group were wearing. However, others picked up on the shoes being worn by the gal next to Luyendyk, shoes that Becca is seen wearing in other Instagram photos she has posted.

Of course, most Bachelor viewers don’t follow this kind of information online and will remain distanced from any spoilers until the season begins airing. The good news is that Arie and Becca seem to be spending quite a bit of time together and having a blast, but people will have to wait and see whether the relationship can go the distance once things go public.

These recent social media posts do seem to confirm Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers about Arie Luyendyk Jr. picking Becca Rufkin, but people will have to tune in beginning this January to see how the love story plays out. ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season premieres on January 1 and fans cannot wait to see how things come together on this one.