Giancarlo Stanton Traded To New York Yankees

The Miami Marlins have officially traded Giancarlo Stanton to the New York Yankees.

The Miami Marlins have officially traded Giancarlo Stanton to the New York Yankees.

The Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors can come to an end. The Miami Marlins have traded Stanton to the New York Yankees, ending the speculation about which team he will play for in the 2018 MLB season. A lot of Yankees fans are going to wake up to this news on Saturday (December 9), likely helping them overcome any disappointment about missing out on free-agent pitcher Shohei Ohtani.

A report by the New York Post confirms that the deal is done. That information has also been confirmed by baseball analyst Jon Heyman and a report from the Miami Herald. Giancarlo Stanton is going to now join a lineup that already includes outfielder Aaron Judge and catcher Gary Sanchez. Yankees fans can start dreaming about the home run totals that trio could post over the next few years.

Another report by Jon Heyman gives a little more information on the situation. As Heyman has stated on Twitter, Stanton still needs to waive his no-trade clause to make this deal official. The New York Yankees and Miami Marlins have agreed to a trade, but it still needs Stanton’s approval since he possesses a full no-trade clause. This could hold up any announcements about the package of players that the Marlins are going to receive for a short while. The expectation, though, is that Stanton will have no issue with joining the Yankees.

In addition to revealing which players will be heading back to the Marlins, which is stated to include Starlin Castro, a big piece of news will be just how much of the $295 million left on Stanton’s contract the Yankees will have to pay.

During the 2017 MLB season, Giancarlo Stanton played 159 games for the Miami Marlins and had 59 home runs, 132 RBIs, 123 runs scored, a 0.281 batting average, and a league-leading 0.631 slugging percentage. Those are the video game numbers that Yankees fans are hoping to see from the National League MVP in the 2018 season as well. Now the question becomes whether Stanton will serve as lineup protection for slugger Aaron Judge, or whether Judge will hit behind him in the lineup. It’s a problem any manager would love to deal with.

New Yankees manager Aaron Boone has to be pleased with what the front office of the team has just done for him. This will make scoring runs even easier for one of the best power-hitting teams in baseball. Having another All-Star outfielder who Boone can put in the lineup every day will allow him to focus more on the rest of the day-to-day managerial job. The blockbuster trade may also lead to more New York Yankees rumors about the team trying to improve its starting rotation.