The Queen’s $2 Accessory She Doesn’t Leave Home Without Is a ‘Modesty’ Thing For Latest Trendsetter

Charlie RiedelAP Images

Queen Elizabeth is 91-years-old and one of her latest accomplishments is setting a trend in fashion as the world moves into the year 2018. The Queen also wears an accessory that costs about the same amount as a cup of coffee today with almost every outfit she dons when walking out the door for a day of royal engagements.

For those searching for inspiration on getting a jump on next year’s fashion for your wardrobe, checking out Queen Elizabeth’s recent choice of outfits is a good start, suggests the Evening Standard. While that is quite an honor at any age, the Queen is sharing this honor with another “unlikely fashion trendsetter” this year.

Pantone revealed yesterday the “must-have” color for your wardrobe for the new year is the retro-shade of “Ultra Violet.” This is a color that the Queen was seen wearing on Friday, which is a color that is often linked to musicians “who brought shades of Ultra Violet to the forefront of western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality.”

Music icons like Jimmi Hendrix, David Bowie, and Prince were often seen donning the Ultra Violet hue in their choice of attire. The Queen will have to share her trendsetting buzz today with someone across the pond, Hillary Clinton. She too has recently been seen sporting articles of clothing in this color, prompting the complement of “trendsetter” going to both women today.

Queen Elizabeth Close Up
Queen Elizabeth is a trendsetter wearing the color "Ultra Violet."Featured image credit: KGC-375 / STAR MAX / IPxAP Images

It doesn’t matter what color the Queen is wearing, but chances are on any given day she will be dressed with these tiny hidden accessories that are a “must-have” for a female member of the royal family. This accessory was first brought to the public light a few years back with an incident that occurred with Kate Middleton.

There was actually several incidents that occurred that left the headlines suggesting Kate should borrow a fashion tip from the Queen. One of those incidents saturated the headlines and got a lot of attention back in 2011. This occurred on the windy tarmac of the Calgary Airport with Kate in a yellow dress with a full skirt.

Kate Middleton In Yellow windswept dress
Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, arrives in Calgary, Alberta, and her dress continued to blow in the wind.Featured image credit: Charlie RiedelAP Images

The wind kept whipping Kate’s dress up exposing areas she didn’t want to be exposed. Another incident was caught on camera and the “German tabloid Bild published a picture of her skirt blowing up to reveal her bare bum,” reports Metro in an archived article.

These incidents brought the Queen’s accessory front and center in the headlines with many suggesting Kate might benefit from using the same thing the Queen does to ward off these wind-blowing incidents — curtain weights.

According to the Daily Mail, the Queen’s “secret weapon” that “preserves her modesty” cost just about $2 for a pack of four, which means they are only about 50 cents each. The Queen has generic curtain weights sewn into the hems of her dresses and skirts. This was done after the Queen in her earlier years experienced the same type of problems that Kate did on a windy day.

According to the Daily Mail, “Sewn inside the hem of each hand-made outfit are a couple of circular lead curtain weights, costing £1.50 for a packet of four, which converts to around $2 in U.S. money.