Is Meghan Markle Worried About Her Weight? Prince Harry's Fiancée Hires Trainer To Get In Shape Before Wedding

Is Meghan Markle worried about her weight? The princess-to-be has reportedly hired a trainer to get in shape before her royal wedding with Prince Harry takes place in May. Moreover, the one she has hired has a high-profile history.

Matt Fiddes used to work with none other than Michael Jackson. Fiddes is a martial arts trainer, also a security adviser, who worked with the King of Pop. There is a reason why the royal bride-to-be has hired the man who owns Matt Fiddes Martial Arts, one of the biggest franchises in that field at the moment. Fiddes has also worked with A-list celebrities like Tom Cruise.

In 2010, Matt Fiddes claimed that he could be the father of Michael Jackson's son Blanket. MJ apparently wanted an "athletic child." So, he asked Fiddes to donate sperm. The incident apparently took place in 2001.

According to the Daily Mail, MJ offered him £500,000 ($670,000) for it, but Fiddes did it for free.

While Meghan Markle is going to learn self-defense from Matt Fiddes, TMZ reported that the British expert would also help the Suits actress get more fit.

Markle is presently in Los Angeles to spend quality time with her family. According to reports, Fiddes is going to Hollywood. So, there is every possibility that the training might start ASAP.

Fiddes earlier shared his photo on Twitter, as he declared that he was leaving the UK for a while. He also gave the reason for that. He said he was going to "train hard."

Meghan Markle must be extra careful about how she is going to look on her wedding day because she is known for her fitness anyway. She earlier shared her fitness secrets with Best Health magazine.

According to Meghan, the secret behind her health happens to be yoga. On her "perfect" day, she likes to do yoga and have sashimi lunch. A typical Fujiyama sashimi lunch consists of 300 calories. With 200 mg sodium, the lunch has 53 grams of protein and zero carbs.

Meghan Markle wants to get in shape before her wedding with Prince Harry in May.

A source has told The Sun that Fiddes is going to train Meghan what she is supposed to do if she is attacked in public. She will also be trained how to get away from such places.