‘LPBW’ Critics Just Accused Zach Roloff Of Having Herpes Sores, Audrey Gets Flak Over Ember’s Clothes Again

It seems like it's pretty hard to escape the critics when you're member of the Roloff family.

It seems like it's pretty hard to escape the critics when you're member of the Roloff family.

It’s not easy being a reality TV star. While gaining a certain degree of fame has its perks, living a life in front of cameras definitely has its own challenges. This is something that members of the Roloff family know by heart, and this is something that became notably evident recently, with Zach and Audrey Roloff receiving some criticism from fans of the reality TV community.

Just a few hours ago, Audrey Roloff shared an image of her, Jeremy, and Ember posing together with Zach, Tori, and Baby Jackson. The family had been hunting for a Christmas tree, and they decided to commemorate the warm and intimate occasion by sharing a family photo with their social media followers.

For the most part, Audrey’s recent upload was received warmly by members of the Little People, Big World community. Since uploading the family picture, Auj’s latest Instagram post has already garnered more than 33,000 likes and more than a hundred positive comments.

Not all the comments on Audrey’s gorgeous family photo were supportive, however. In the comments section of the LPBW star’s post, some reality TV fans began to criticize some surprising aspects of Audrey’s recently shared picture.

One of Audrey’s Instagram followers, for one, stated that Zach did not look good in the family photo. The reality TV fan further stated that the LPBW star looks like he has a nasty case of herpes sores.

“Omg, does Zach have a herpes sore on his lip? It’s so obvious. I just hope that cute baby doesn’t get it,” one commenter wrote.

Needless to say, many members of the LPBW community immediately defended Zach, with some stating that the sore on his lip could have come from anything other than the herpes simplex virus. Others suggested that the Little People, Big World star’s lip could have simply been busted from a fall or a similar injury.

Considering that Baby Ember was also in the photo, however, some of Audrey’s critics did not miss the opportunity to bash the reality TV star for allegedly putting her daughter at risk. In the comments section of her latest Instagram upload, some of Auj’s followers accused her of keeping Ember in the cold again.

“Please wrap up that baby’s legs. It’s cold enough that you are all bundled up, and she has one layer on her legs. I would hate for her to get sick,” one commenter wrote.

Looking at the recently uploaded picture, however, it definitely looks like Ember is warm enough. The youngest member of the Roloff family looked very comfortable, after all, and she was also wrapped in a thick Carhartt jacket. Ember was even wearing some pretty thick boots.

Thus, despite the criticism thrown her way once more, Audrey seems to be taking care of her baby pretty well. Ember’s priceless, peaceful expressions on her photos, after all, leave very little doubt that she is one happy, content baby.