'My 600-lb Life' James K Update: Notorious Patient Barely Shows Any Progress, Burdens Kindhearted Therapist

Among the many patients who participated in My 600-lb Life, very few were as aggravating as James King. More popularly known as James K, the notorious reality TV star ended up striking a raw nerve among members of the reality TV community due to his constant whining, self-pity, and stubbornness. The last time an update on James K emerged, he was being helped by Rudi Pijnnaken of Physical Therapy International, who was optimistic about the My 600-lb Life star's future.

While James K's present condition has been a mystery since he appeared on TLC's hit reality TV show, a series of recent updates from Pijnnaken's organization has given the My 600-lb Life community some idea about the progress that the notorious reality TV star attained so far. Unfortunately for James K and the kindhearted physical therapist, it seems like the reality TV star's condition has stagnated significantly.

As noted in this previous report from the Inquisitr, the Physical Therapy International president decided to help James lose weight after his appearance on the hit reality TV show. During that time, Pijnnaken was incredibly optimistic about James' recovery, even stating that the My 600-lb Life star was already able to make some progress toward further weight-loss.

The therapist also noted that James K's junk food intake had been significantly reduced, so much that he was confident the reality TV star would eventually get considerably better.

If Pijnnaken's latest update on Physical Therapy International's official Facebook page is any indication, however, it seems like James has not improved much at all. Even worse, James K's recovery, or lack thereof, has seemingly become such a burden on the physical therapist, Pijnnaken ended up starting a GoFundMe page for the reality TV star's recovery and some form of reimbursement for his personal expenses.


As stated in the physical therapist's GoFundMe page for the My 600-lb Life star, he has spent a significant amount of money for James K to date. These include a Bariatric Mattress, which almost cost his organization $4,000, a trapeze bar that cost around $800, and a series of treatments that the therapist was never given payment for.

According to one of Pijnnaken's responses to his social media followers on Physical Therapy International's official Facebook page, James K has been recovering well for some time. Unfortunately, his recovery met a roadblock when Pijnnaken had a stroke, from which the therapist eventually recovered from. By the time Pijnnaken got back to James K, the reality TV star had already regressed.

"I️ could get him up with Lisa easily before the stroke. If he would have had the trapeze bar, he would be sitting up by himself by now. Now I lost too much ground. I️ don't understand why he hasn't lost more weight. I️ check their fridge often and never found junk food."
Pijnnaken further stated that for the months he has been treating James K, he was barely paid for his services. Nevertheless, he has been continuously helping the reality TV star out of his own pocket. Together with his GoFundMe page, Pijnnaken also shared an image of groceries that he bought for James K and his partner, Lisa.

If any, Pijnnaken did state that James K had at least lost some weight since appearing on the hit reality TV show. His weight loss, however, has been marginal, and Dr. Now has not been happy with his progress at all.

"He is still under Dr. Now's care, but the doc is not very happy with him."

Currently, the physical therapist's GoFundMe page for the My 600-lb Life star has not really taken off. So far, the fundraiser has raised $170, $100 of which came from Pijnnaken himself. James K, for his part, remains in bed, having lost a little weight and achieving very little else.