December 8, 2017
Disturbing Video Shows Stray Dog Carrying Body Of Dead Baby, Feeding It To Her Puppies

Disturbing video from India shows a stray dog running near a hospital with the body of a dead newborn baby in its mouth, then later feeding the baby to its puppies.

The horrific incident took place near a hospital in Gopalganj in India's Madhya Pradesh state, the Sun reported. The video has sparked an enormous outcry in India, and Asian News International reported that police have launched an investigation into the incident. They are reportedly in the process of identifying the baby.

Police said they were able to respond to reports of the dog carrying the dead newborn baby and found the infant's body "in disturbing condition." It was not immediately clear if the newborn baby had been dead before the stray dog found it, or whether the dog found the body inside the hospital or outside of it.

Video of the dog carrying the body of the dead baby went viral across social media in India and prompted headlines across the globe. Oddly enough, the Sun noted that this is not the first time a stray dog has eaten a newborn baby in the impoverished Indian state. Last month, another stray dog was found with a dead baby in Madhya Pradesh, the report noted.

Another incident took place in Pakistan last year, with video showing a dog carrying the lifeless body of a dead baby down a busy street. As the Mirror noted, some bystanders tried to get the baby's body away from the dog, and the body was later discarded in the street as the dog ran away.

Not all of these stories had such unhappy endings. The Mirror noted a similar incident in Oman where a dog was seen carrying a newborn baby, with the umbilical cord still attached. But this baby was miraculously able to survive without serious injuries.

There are still many details missing from the video that emerged this week of the dog carrying a dead baby in its mouth. Reports from India have not identified the newborn or the parents, and it is unclear if anyone in the hospital may be facing investigation or potential criminal charges for allowing the dog to snatch the baby's body.