‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Are Worried Matthew Gray Gubler’s Character, Dr. Spencer Reid, May Be Leaving The Show

With many fans still yearning for the return of Thomas Gibson, no one wants to see Matthew Gray Gubler leave 'Criminal Minds'.

With many fans still yearning for the return of Thomas Gibson, no one wants to see Matthew Gray Gubler leave 'Criminal Minds'.

With Season 13 of Criminal Minds in full swing, fans of the show are particularly concerned that Dr. Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler, may be leaving the show. While Shemar Moore has returned to the series, something that has made its audience very happy indeed, many are still upset that Thomas Gibson has not returned to Criminal Minds after a heated altercation with writer-producer Virgil Williams.

As Gibson freely admitted of the incident, “I feel like it took years to make a good reputation and a minute to damage it,” as Entertainment Weekly reported.

With so many changes having taken place in Criminal Minds over the past couple of years, no one wants to see Matthew Gray Gubler and Spencer Reid leave the program. Perhaps it is because both Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson have left the show at various points, even though Moore returned, that has fans so worried. But are there any specific reasons that are causing this fear?

Many of the initial concerns over the well-being of Dr. Spencer Reid began when Erica Messer described just how difficult things were going to get for Matthew Gray Gubler’s character in Season 12 of Criminal Minds, and co-executive producer Harry Bring finally posted on his Twitter account in November, 2016, that he was going to stop tweeting things that overly worried fans, explaining that “People read too much into my posts,” according to the Inquisitr.

CarterMatt also reported that on Season 13, Episode 8, of Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid was nowhere to be seen, yet this alone is really nothing to worry about. In many past seasons of Criminal Minds, there are plenty of episodes where Matthew Gray Gubler doesn’t put in an appearance, or, if he does, he takes a backseat to the other characters and their adventures.

It’s also worth noting that while there is neither confirmation nor denial that Gubler and Reid will stay or go at this point in time, we do know that he will stay until the end of Season 13. After this season, it is up to the network to decide if the show will continue its long run, but Spencer Reid will at least be on it until then.

Matthew Gray Gubler and Dr. Spencer Reid will be sticking around for all of Season 13 of 'Criminal Minds'.

Besides acting on Criminal Minds, Matthew Gray Gubler has starred in two films this year, Newness and 68 Kill, and also has an active shop on his website where he designs clothing with proceeds going straight to charities of his choice. His most recent offering is a love story to his hometown of Las Vegas with a T-shirt for sale which reads “Las Vegas, We Love You.” Gubler explained that this city in the desert was conjured up out of dreams.

“Las Vegas is the city which best exemplifies the triumph of the human spirit. A trillion-watt oasis that beams through a forgotten desert. Our bones are made of neon, we have sagebrush in our shoes, and the odds are always in our favor because if you can build dreams out of sand you can do anything.”

With so many life changes and adventures having taken place to Dr. Spencer Reid over the past two years of Criminal Minds, it’s no wonder that fans have such a deep and abiding love for Matthew Gray Gubler and want him to stick around.