‘Big Little Lies 2’ — Alexander Skarsgard May Haunt HBO’s Second Season With Four New Characters [Spoilers]

Big Little Lies caused a big ruckus when the series hit HBO, now Big Little Lies 2 is buzzing even bigger on social media with news of the return of the series. Those who haven’t watched the first season of Big Little Lies might want to do a quick binge-watching session before reading further, because Big Little Lies spoilers lay ahead.

According to Vulture, the second season of — which is commanding plenty of excitement on Twitter — will feature at least four new characters who didn’t appear in the first season. There will be plenty of meat for Renata to chew into when her daughter Amabella, who was at the center of a big storyline in the first season, begins to get panic attacks from global warming lessons. Jane will gain a new friend in a school administration employee. Parents of Bonnie — the yoga teacher and new wife who helped put the nail in the coffin of Alexander Skarsgard’s abusive character — will also appear on the scene.

Such news about Bonnie’s parents appearing in the new season of Big Little Lies begs the question from fans about the freedom Bonnie’s character may experience in the wake of the death of Nicole Kidman’s character’s abuser. After all, the book Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty formed the basis for much of Season 1. However, Liane was able to create a novella, which was key in helping Big Little Lies 2 come to life.

With Reese Witherspoon and most of the cast expected back for all seven new episodes of Big Little Lies 2, Skarsgard’s troubled character could also make an appearance in flashback scenes or as a man haunting the group of women who banded together to save their abused friend. As reported by Deadline, negotiations for Alexander and others are underway. Big Little Lies 2 proves that there is a huge desire to see complex female characters on TV. However, Big Little Lies season two may not hit TV screens in 2018, because the series should begin filming in the spring of that year.

According to EW.com, the second season of HBO’s Big Little Lies will come along with a new director that will be able to move audiences beyond the cliffhanger that featured women bonding at the beach, all sharing a common and deadly secret. Big Little Lies 2 is expected to bring Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz, Adam Scott and others back to the drama, set in California.