Kylie Jenner Fans Shocked By Prices Of New Makeup Brush Set

The brushes are the third surprise from Kylie Cosmetics this month.

The brushes are the third surprise from Kylie Cosmetics this month.

Kylie Jenner announced her third and last surprise for her cosmetics line today, and some fans are not too happy with the pricing.

After announcing Kylie Cosmetics will now offer bullet lipsticks and concealers, Jenner shared photos of her new brush set as the third Silver Series surprise.

While fans were excited for the new lipsticks and concealers, it seems Kylie’s followers are not impressed with the brushes.

Commenters took to social media to share their dislike of Jenner’s price points on the brushes as the entire set is retailing for $360. So far, the majority of commenters have stated they will not be buying Kylie’s “over-priced” brush set.

Instagram users shared their opinions on the brushes, which range from $18 to $48 each, as they stated their dismay.

“Is this the third surprise? Because I hate it.”

Some users even said Kylie Cosmetics is not worth the money as Jenner’s products aren’t good quality.

“Too much money and the brushes don’t even look good quality.”

“Someone is desperate to stay relevant. Your products are of poor quality for what you charge.”

Others said they could get just as good brushes from other retailers for a fraction of the price Kylie is charging for hers.

Instagram followers suggested the 20-year-old cosmetics mogul is desperate for money after launching her recent pop-up stores, while another said Kylie is taking advantage of her fans.

Typically, Jenner receives positive feedback from fans when launching new products. However, this time seems to be different as commenters only have negative things to say regarding the third Silver Series surprise.

It will be interesting to see if Kylie reacts to her fans’ initial impressions and if the brushes sell out as most of her products tend to do.

But things aren’t looking too bright for the new Kylie Cosmetics brush set as fans continue to question why she would charge such a steep price.

“Why would anyone pay $360 for brushes with bristles that look like needles?”

Bustle reported on the price of the new brush set as the site calls it “extensive and expensive.” The article went on to say the set includes 16 brushes, which feature mirrored silver handles emblazoned with Kylie’s name.

The site also mentions the fact fans have expressed their displeasure at the price tag as it’s impossible to test the quality before purchasing. However, it reports the “luxury” brush collection should be an investment as it should last users for years.

Once again, though, it’s impossible to tell how long the brushes will last as the quality has yet to be determined since it is an online-only product.

The entire Silver Series will launch December 13, but the time has not yet been announced.