Sugarland Confirms Return To Music After Five Years, New Single Coming This Month

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are back together, as Sugarland is making a return to music. Their new single "Still The Same" arrives this month.

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are back together, as Sugarland is making a return to music. Their new single "Still The Same" arrives this month.

It has been five years, but it looks like Sugarland is making a return to country music. Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush officially announced they would be reuniting for new music and the first single, “Still The Same,” will be coming this year. Find out the details about the Sugarland reunion and music below.

The country duo made the big announcement today, as their new single will be available on December 21. Previously, the duo announced they would be making a return to country music. They confirmed the new music in a tweet today, as they said, “We said new music before the end of the year and we meant it!”

The new music is not the only big news from Sugarland, as Hollywood Life is reporting that Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have booked a pretty big gig coming up. Sugarland will be performing on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, which will also feature performances by Nick Jonas and Camila Cabello. The duo is also working on a new album, as Nettles hinted at in her statement.

“We are thrilled for fans to hear our new music,especially the new single. The title of the song is so meaningful to us as we want fans to know, we are still the same, we are still the same Sugarland they’ve known and loved.”

Hollywood Life stated there is no release date yet, but Kristian Bush talked about the duo being back together.

“We want to finish where we left off. We always knew we were going to make music again, so this has been the best of both worlds. We were able to take time to feel our personal passions, and we’re excited to come back together to create music as a band again.”

Jennifer Nettles and co-founder Kristian Bush started their journey together with Sugarland back in 2002, according to People. In 2013, they went their separate ways to pursue solo careers. They both had success in their solo endeavors, as Bush had a 2014 hit with “Trailer Hitch” from his album Southern Gravity. Nettles has released two albums along the way: That Girl and Playing with Fire. During their hiatus, Nettles also gave birth to her son, Magnus Hamilton. He was born in December, 2012.

The rumors of a Sugarland reunion first happened at the CMA Awards in November, as Nettles and Bush made a surprise appearance together. Fans of the group started speculating on a possible reunion and new music, which is now being confirmed by Sugarland. The group’s last album, The Incredible Machine, was released in 2010, which means this upcoming album is long overdue.

While Sugarland is back together making music, it appears that they will both continue to make music for their own careers as well. Nettles said to People that this allows “the best of both worlds” for both of them.